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Where to Invest in 2012

Where to Invest in 2012

All of us feel the need to safeguard our financial interests for the upcoming future. Some good, safe, high return channels of investment have been briefly discussed here.
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Merely storing money in the bank is not that productive or resourceful, as a very minor and almost negligible rate of interest keeps on accumulating, on the saved sum. However, there are some effective channels, that are safe, secure and provide a great yield.

Tips on Investing

There are a few things that one needs to consider before investing:
  • How to invest? Simple, always calculate the initial investment and returns from that scheme of investment. Then proceed to calculating the total amount that comes, as the return over investment. The important point is that the return should be substantial and your money should not be tied down into the investment, for a very prolonged period of time, unless it's generating really good profits, over the long term.
  • Secondly, make sure that you invest regularly, but refrain from putting all your 'eggs' in the same basket. Putting in a huge chunk of money in one investment vehicle is always inadvisable. It is not possible quite easily, and there is always a risk that you might lose large chunks of money. Also, your short-term financial plans shouldn't be affected.
  • The best and also the safest way to invest is to put the investments in multiple accounts and channels, as if you suffer from loss at one channel. There are other channels that always tend to provide moderate but good returns at lower risk.
  • Lastly, be aware of the best investments that are present. Go through proposals, quotes, and even newspapers and magazines, on a daily basis and get to know about all the investment channels that are possible. There are several ideal channels that tend to open up from time to time.
Where to Invest in 2012

Here are some of the best options to invest money in 2012.

Life Insurance
Life insurance is the best way to invest money for the long term. Life insurance policies provide two big advantages, namely, they have good returns in the long run and also provide a great cover for the financial well-being of your near and dear ones. The premium is to be paid for a specified time span, after the passage of which, the returns start. Such returns are paid with a time interval of a few years. The security and simplicity of such policies make them the best investments for 2012, when markets are volatile. Before you take up the policy, make sure that you go through all terms and conditions, as well as premium amounts. However, you must remember that insurance invested money tends to be locked in for long periods. Ergo, invest wisely, seeing to it that you don't suffer from short-term liquidity issues.

Annuities are very much like life insurance, however, it is a better suited investment due to the fact that it has better returns and percentage of return over investment is way better than an insurance. Annuity and life insurance are really good investments for young people, owing to the fact that the returns over investments become really good sources of income for things such as marriage expenses, mortgage down payment, kids' education, and even your retirement. Thus, some of the major expenditures are facilitated if you just keep on paying the premium from time to time. Annuity is probably the best of all the best long term investments. Again, in times of economic turmoil and increasing market uncertainty, annuities are safe investments.

Stock Market
If you are a beginner, then there are two things that you need to know about stocks, it's risky if you are lazy and careless and secondly, it's rewarding if you take regular efforts. Investing in best stocks for 2012 is tough due to the fact that you have to study the market every day and also keep a very keen eye on the stock predictions for 2012. You will also have to frequently buy and sell stocks of the best companies to invest in. Thus, in short, if you put in about half an hour of your day, you can easily make handsome profits. However, considering the European debt crisis and the overall extreme volatility of markets world over, be very cautious with your stock investments. Invest in companies with strong financial fundamentals, with a history of stable growth and sustainability, that have good growth prospects and enjoy a large market demand for their products and services.

Real Estate
One of the best investment ideas for 2012 is the real estate. It is an evergreen business owing to the fact that the human population that is constantly on the rise needs land for survival. Land in itself is limited in area, and this leads to a certain inflation in the real estate price levels. In 2012, be cautious with real estate investments and go in only if you can be patient, to wait for long-term profits.

Gold and Silver
If you have a good amount of cash to spare, then the best way to invest money is to buy and sell gold and silver. However, the purchase should be done at a really low price here, as the sale should be at a really high price. Instead of the actual metal, buying or selling investment certificates can also be done. The rarity of the two metals make them a really good investment idea, as price of these metals always tends to rise in the long run. However, gold investment is not really recommended right now, as it is a seller's market and not buyer's. After peaking earlier, gold prices have been steadily falling in global markets. It is recommended that you wait for some time, till the price stabilizes.

Mutual Funds
The best mutual funds for 2012 are other great options to consider, but you must know that market slowdowns world over have created a drop in profits. Mutual funds are enormous funds that are managed, invested and checked by expert investors and economists. These funds, like annuities tend to be good investments, but they are not as safe. Research all the aspects of a mutual fund thoroughly and go for funds, which are investing in sectors with high growth possibilities.

While investing money one has to keep his/her eyes and ears open, by calculating returns in the various investment channels, we can know more about what to invest in. This also makes it possible to calculate and make shrewd investment decisions.