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Where to Buy a Money Order?

Where to Buy a Money Order?

The question of where to buy a money order is not one of the top guarded secrets of the world of money transactions, for it is one of the most convenient ways to send money.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Are you thinking of sending over some funds, but the receiver does not have a checking or bank account? Well, do not worry, you can send over your funds through money orders. They are the best way to guarantee the receiver the funds are transferred. That is because, they are prepaid, and the person receiving the funds will receive the amount in cash. This is why most people prefer to send money orders. If you are wondering where to buy a money order, read the following article.

Where to Buy a Money Order

As mentioned before, this is a convenient, quick, and safe way to send money in cash. Money orders have no expiry date, no requirements, like maintaining certain amount of balance in your bank accounts, and the receiver receives the funds on delivery. You also do not need to worry about a bounce check or if the receiver refuses to take a personal check. Thus, the funds are preferred to be transferred through this method.

Option 1

The most preferred destination to buy a money order is the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). The charges for sending one through this service are cheaper as compared to the other options. You can send domestic as well as international orders through the USPS. The international ones are accepted in over 30 countries. The domestic rates are as follows:
  • 0.01 to USD 500.00 - USD 1.10
  • USD 500.01 to USD 1,000.00 - USD 1.50
  • Postal Military Money Orders - USD 0.30 (issued by military facilities)
International ones cost only USD 3.85 for values of up to USD 700. The US Postal Service also allows you to send international wire money. All you need to do is visit a post office offering the service and your money will be wired in just 15 minutes.

Option 2

The next option in line is the Western Union. This is the second best option after the US Postal Service. You can find Western Union outlets almost anywhere not only in America, but around the world. These outlets are easy to find and transfer money too. But, Western Union is a bit on the expensive side. If you are sending an order of USD 100 from the US to a location within the US, it can cost you USD 9.99 for a three-day service. If you wish to avail a quicker service, you can need to pay USD 15.99. In case of international money transfers, the rates are even higher and the service offered to the customer depends on agent to agent.

Option 3

The third option is MoneyGram International. This is also a safe option to transfer your cash fund. MoneyGram International offers bilingual orders that do not expire. But, if these are not cashed out within a year, a non-refundable service charges is applied. This may decrease the cash out value to some extent.

You may come across many other companies that offer money order services. However, before you send over your funds through them, make sure you make through background checks regarding the company's reputation. There are many fraudsters and even poor service providers who tend to lose the customers money during transactions.

There are limits to the amount you can send according to the Patriot Act. For example, you can send no more than USD 1,000 from the US Postal Service. You should first understand how to fill out a money order. This is because while filling out the form, the amount should be filled in correctly. Once you fill in an amount, you cannot change or correct it.

This is a handy option to send or transfer money. Where to buy is also not a problem, as they are sold by many groceries, convenient stores, and supermarkets. However, if you are in a hurry to send money, you can always go in for electronic money transfers.