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Fundraising Event Ideas

Fundraising Event Ideas

Fundraising is defined as money raised for a cause or a project and there are many event ideas. In this article, we are going to discuss some ideas that will help to raise money for charity.
Marlene Alphonse
Asking for money is one of the hardest thing to do, no matter for what worthy cause. A fundraising event is a terrific idea for raising money. For a fundraising event to be a success, the first thing to remember is that your event should be interesting and you should ensure that there is a good turnout. Any event where people do not show up is not going to work, so you have to make sure that the event receives a lot of publicity. Charity and small fundraising event ideas should be thought out carefully before implementation, with the help of proper planning for the event, so that you can raise the maximum amount of money.

For Non-Profit Organizations

There are many ideas to raise funds for non-profit organizations that can be very successful. The most simplest idea of all, for a fundraising event is the 50/50 raffle. To organize this event, you need to purchase a roll of raffle tickets from a party supply shop that have two sections with a unique serial number. You need to sell as many tickets as you can to each person for a fixed fee. You give one part of the raffle ticket to the person who have brought the ticket and the other part is placed inside a container. On the day of the event, a ticket is drawn from the container and announce a winner. The person who has the matching raffle ticket number wins a prize. This is an extremely common but effective idea for charity, that works quite well. Other good non-profit organization fundraising ideas that will surely be a success are a bake sale, a rare book auction and an art show fundraiser. Make sure that you organize all these events with careful planning, looking into minute details for it to be successful. Also make sure that the right people attend the event who are passionate about the cause you are hosting the event for and who are not reluctant to make a contribution.

For Schools

High school fundraising ideas should be full of fun and laughter. Students can also suggest some creative ideas to collect funds for their school or college. If a new library is being constructed or a new classroom is needed, the best way to raise money is to have a great event. The best thing about fundraising for school is that all the students can help to organize the event and even a small contribution from students, parents and alumni will make a big difference. Some good ideas for school are apple bobbing contest, a basketball match, a masquerade ball, a ballroom dancing contest, an arts and crafts exhibition and a cheer leading contest, which can be included in the ideas for kids. To organize an art and crafts exhibition cum auction, announce to the school what the exhibition is all about and then pass along a list where students who want to participate can enter their name. After this, arrange a particular day to host the exhibition in the classroom hall or playground and display the students craft here. At the end of the day, have an auction of all the crafts made by the students and the money collected can be used for the school library or classroom.

These were some fundraising event ideas for colleges and non profit organizations. Always start with something small and experiment a few unique ideas and then when you have successfully raised money for such an event, you can try something big.