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How to Break a Lease

How to Break a Lease

This article talks about a question that bothers tenants all around the world. How to break a lease legally, is something that every tenant wants to know. It is obvious that you are not happy with your new agreement and you want to break it off. Let's learn how to do it...
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
A lease is a binding contract which you and your landlord sign. Its fine to terminate a lease agreement before time but you should have a good excuse as to why you are doing it and, in many cases, it can cost you. Sometimes, you just want a temporary staying place, you may be having your reasons of doing it. However, most landlords don't take it that well and they are going to charge you a penalty for breaking the lease agreement. Any way this penalty can be sometimes very high, and it could ruin your plans of moving to a new place, but if you know the tips of breaking a lease agreement then you could save a lot of money.

How to Break a Lease on an Apartment

Now, suppose your new apartment is more like a junkyard than a home. Your neighbors are very irritating and leave no chance to make your life hell. The house upstairs is a more like a ring where slang is the only language people speak. Its, common sense that you will not be able to live in a house like that and it is time you move on. However, if you know the rules of breaking a lease legally you would save yourself from a lot of trouble.

Most residential lease agreements have a timeline for a duration of six months to 1 year which acts as a security for both the landlord and the tenant. Before signing any of the lease agreements, it's advisable that you think of putting a condition of an "early release" even if there's a slight chance that you will vacate the place before time. This clause or condition highlights important points regarding the early breakage of the lease. It's always recommended to go through the lease papers very carefully before signing any contract. Often there are some provisions in the agreement which is not very favorable for the tenant. Another great option of breaking a lease legally is to offer your landlord a sublease which is considered by many landlords. This also saves the hassle of finding a new tenant, but remember that you would have to pay for any apartment damages, if the sublease doesn't take good care of the apartment.

How to Break a Lease without Penalty

For some personal reasons termination of lease agreement is inevitable; job loss, bad break up or any other reasons can cause a nonpayment of rent. and because of this you may have to break a lease so that you can find good rental opportunities elsewhere. However, many times there's also a penalty charged for an early termination of the agreement. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to break a lease without paying a single penny.
  • As you all know most rental agreements have different terms and conditions when it comes to breaking their leases. So it is important that you read the lease agreement very carefully, and also ask the landlord the penalties for breaking the lease early.
  • If the landlord has failed to fulfill his promises, regarding the property, and the house is in a bad condition, then this situation can prove an advantage for the tenant and you can start preparing a lease termination agreement.
  • Regardless of what is written in your contract, many states believe that renters have the right of living in a safe and comfortable space. If a tenant doesn't feel comfortable in the house, he/she can terminate the agreement on legal grounds.
  • Every state government follows different laws, when it comes to renting a residential property. If a tenant, who has no option but to leave his/her apartment, must consult an experienced attorney for legal advice regarding these matters.
Hope this article on how to break a lease agreement was a helpful. Before moving in some apartment its advised that you read the contract papers very carefully so that you don't land up in trouble later.