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House Sharing Agreement

House Sharing Agreement

If you've found a place to stay and are sharing it with other people, make sure you sign a house sharing agreement before you move in. Read this article for more information on it.
Sujata Iyer
Signing a house sharing agreement is important because of the following reasons.
  • It gives you the legal status of being a tenant of the house.
  • It explicitly states the amount of rent, date of paying the rent, and the deposit amount. This way, any future disputes can be avoided.
  • By signing this agreement, you become liable to the landlord for taking care of his property.
  • You get some rights as a tenant and the landlord must perform his responsibilities as well.
  • The agreement is a legally binding contract. It can be used as a proof of residence.
  • It explains the landlord's terms and conditions of the lease agreement.
Contents of a Standard Written House Sharing Agreement
Here is a list of the general contents of a house sharing agreement. The agreement may vary from landlord to landlord. This is just a generic list.
  • Name of landlord
  • Name of tenants
  • Amount of deposit
  • Amount of monthly rent
  • Date of payment of rent
  • Interest rate for delay in rent payment
  • Duration of the agreement
  • Insurance provision (if any)
  • Terms and conditions regarding further sub letting
  • Payment of utilities like water, electricity, telephone, Internet access, etc.
  • Policy about any amendment to the already existing furniture and other interior decorating
  • A list of the owner's property at the house
  • Conditions regarding the behavior of the tenants with each other
  • Conditions regarding the tenants' behavior with the landlord
  • Conditions under which the lease can be terminated by the landlord
  • Notice period for voluntary termination of agreement
  • Policy regarding the household rules and duties of tenants
Implied/Oral Agreement
There are certain ground rules that are set amongst the co-tenants of the house regarding the following. They may be discussed orally OR can also be included in the written agreement.
  • Division of rent
  • Division of utilities bills
  • Division of taxes to be paid (if any)
  • Rules about pets
  • Girlfriends/boyfriends staying over
  • Rules about smoking and drinking
  • Use and maintenance of the household appliances provided by the landlord, like kitchen appliances or the television, computers, etc.
  • A promise to use the utilities in moderation and to avoid wastage of water and electricity
  • Rules about who, apart from the tenants, can be given a set of keys to the house
  • Who's in charge of collecting the rent and handing the check over to the landlord
  • Who will take care of the cleaning of the house
  • Who will look after the cooking and shopping for groceries (if applicable)
A Template

I, (name of tenant) hereby promise to pay (name of landlord), the sum of $(amount) as monthly rent and $(amount) as my share of deposit, for the accommodation at (address of house) for 6 months from (date of signing agreement).

Given below are the terms and conditions that I agree to, as a co-tenant at said address.
  • I will pay the monthly rent between the 1st and 10th day of the month.
  • I will pay a 10% interest in case of default of payment.
  • I will not keep any pets in the residential premises.
  • I will avoid wastage of water, electricity, and other utilities provided by the landlord.
  • I will not, by any of my activities, disturb the peaceful atmosphere around the house.
  • I will not, under any circumstance give, or make a copy of the house keys, for any reason, whatsoever.
  • I will not sublet the house without prior intimation to the landlord.
  • I will not carry out any illegal activities in the house.
  • I, along with my co-tenants, will maintain decorum at all times and take responsibility for any damage that we may cause to the landlord's property.
I also agree that this agreement can be terminated by the landlord at his discretion if I fail to comply with any of the above-mentioned conditions.

(name of tenant)

(name of landlord)

Hope this information on a house sharing agreement helped. Take care and choose a house wisely!