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Genius Ways to Raise Money for a Trip

Aastha Dogra Nov 18, 2018
If you are looking for ways to raise money for a trip, you have landed on the right page. This write-up tells you about some useful fundraising ideas. Have a look...
So, you are a student who has a school or college trip coming up, which you so want to go for but do not have the required funds? Or you are someone who believes in social causes and wants to go on a volunteer trip?
In either situation, you need cash. Asking your folks to fund your trip is an easy way out, however, if you plan on earning it yourself, given are some of the best ideas for raising money for a trip, read on.

Part-time Jobs

Take up a part-time job. There are many restaurants, departmental stores, malls, and fast food joints who are always willing to hire teens, as well as adults, to work for them. Working and earning in these places after your classes is one good way to raise money for yourself.

Odd Jobs in the Neighborhood

Ask your extended family members or neighbors if they need any help to run their household chores. You can offer services as a cleaner, gardener, babysitter, pet-sitter, etc. Take up such odd jobs in your free time to get that cash that you need.

Garage Sale

You must be having some stuff with you which you no longer use or need, such as old books, bags, shoes, clothes, etc., still in workable condition. Why not put it up for a sale in your garage, or online? You can ask your friends to contribute their unused things to the sale. The money you generate through these sales can be used to fund your trip.

Internet Jobs

Take up an online job. These days, making money online is very simple. You can consider taking up online surveys, in which all you have to do is to provide some basic information and earn money in exchange.
These surveys are undertaken by marketing companies to check the viability/demand/usage of products of a company among customers. If your language is good, you can consider becoming a content writer and make money writing on a variety of topics, such as fashion, food, travel, etc.

'Car Wash' Day

There must be students in your class wanting to go on the trip, but not having enough fund. Make a group, arrange buckets, washing soap, washing clothes, and go out to streets, parking lots (after taking permission) to get money by car wash.

'Bake Day'

If you are good at cooking, you can prepare bakery items to sell, around your neighborhood or to commuters on streets to earn a few bucks. If there is a party in your neighborhood or at your relative's place, you can offer to supply the bakery items there too.

Trade Talent

If you are good at dancing or singing, you can get in touch with the local clubs or joints in your area and see if they are looking for some new artistes to entertain their customers. Selling one's talent is another creative way to make money.

Letter Writing Campaign

Start letter writing and send these letters to friends, family, local organizations, clubs who have sponsored people like you earlier. When for good, people least expected also contribute. Send letters to more and more people, organizations to get the donations.
One last tip. Along with earning, saving money is equally important. So, whatever you earn or get, make sure to save some percentage of it for future use too.