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Try These Striking Ways to Raise Money and Be Amazed at the Result

Puja Lalwani Apr 17, 2019
Raising money, whether it is for personal use or good cause, is a challenging task. Read ahead that provides you with some ways that will make this task slightly easier.
Whether it is to satisfy the philanthropist in you, or to pay for school or a trip, you have to work hard and put some effort to raise money. This is difficult mostly because everyone is stingy about money.
This is surely not a bad thing, primarily, since it takes tremendous efforts to earn the same. So, you have to come up with innovative ways to compel people to donate for your cause, regardless of what it is.
When you look at the following ideas to raise money, before you consider them mundane and "same-old," understand their value. There's a reason why they are repeatedly being offered to you.
Any of the following ideas, if implemented well, can generate all that money you so badly need. Do not undermine the value of any idea, and if you are utilizing it, give it your best shot; you are bound to marvel at the results then.


One of the best ways to make it happen fast is to organize a yard sale, offering all those things that you don't use anymore. This can include your old jerseys and other clothes, baseball kit, first-edition comics, arts and crafts, CDs and CD racks, music systems, etc.
Ensure that if not as good as new, these things should be in good condition so that they can be reused. In fact, hold this sale in a group and bring out all those things that all of you think can be sold to make a sizable amount.
If you are looking for other things to sell, baked goods are a great choice. A bake sale is always well-received by the masses and will help you raise a good amount.

Find Sponsors

Many people believe in anything backed by a big name. Everyone wants to donate to charity, but fear the authenticity of organizations. However, when a cause is backed by a popular sponsor, it does bring more donors.

Spread the Word on a Large Scale

Use the Internet to spread the word.
Several organizations have found ways to raise money for cancer and other such causes simply by creating a web page that describes the cause and the amount required and offers an option of online donations or provides a legitimate contact address where donations can be made.
Spread the word by posting the link of the web page on your social networking account, blog, and by emailing the link to all your friends, family, and other contacts.

Perform Odd Jobs

Run errands (pay bills, buy groceries), mow lawns, babysit, offer tuition, wash cars, perform  such activities. You may consider them small, but they get you paid per hour. If you spend few hours per day doing them, you may get a good amount for your purpose.


This is true; to make money for the purpose of donation, donate part of yourself. Many organizations offer money for blood donations.
However, you will have to undergo a medical checkup to ensure that your blood is suitable for donation and that this will not harm you in any way. Many organizations are voluntary. Check which ones offer money for donation.
Men can even donate semen. This will need full medical checkup to ensure your good health. If you do, it helps make good bucks.
As mentioned earlier, every of the aforementioned ways to raise money is very valuable; so, use them well. You could also use these as inspiration to come up with better ideas that you think will prove more effective.