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Top 10 Insurance Companies

Top 10 Insurance Companies

Listed here are the top 10 insurance companies, that cover the most important types of insurance. Find out how you can get yourself insured, for any problems that are likely to arise in the future, that you can digress from...
Naomi Sarah
Insurance is a very important asset that you need today, to help secure finances, and avoid heavy losses due to damage or other factors. It is a form of risk management, where one can stay clear from bumping into inconceivable losses. It is defined as 'the equitable transfer of the risk of loss, from one entity to another, in exchange for payment'. The one who sells the insurance is known as the insurer, and those that buy the insurance policy, are known as policyholders or the insured. The insurance coverage is decided after the amount is determined by an insurance rate. This is known as the premium. We'll get more into how this takes place, and also which 10 insurance companies are making it big among the insured, and those interested in buying insurance policies. If you haven't insured yet in a company, this write up should help you determine which company would best suit your needs.
How is an Insurance Policy Prepared?
In the case of losing large sums of finances, if ever such a situation should arise, the company that is insuring the insured, must make it clear in the arrangement that a payment will be made to compensate for those very losses. This is known as indemnification. The conditions and policies are outlined in the insurance policy, stating terms that the insured must oblige to. Depending on what type of insurance you apply for, the benefits will pertain accordingly. The insurance company will evaluate documents and records, and will need the necessary documents from you. Verification then takes place, to solidify your claims, and run a background check on any credits that you may have running in debt. Health insurance companies will check medical reports and files, and each one will run similar checks. If the company you work for offers insurance, it is an easier process, than doing it yourself, although it is imperative you do on your own if the company doesn't provide it. Having insurance safeguards you, and others that are involved in the insurance policy.
Top 10 Insurance Companies in the US
The following 10 insurance companies range from three kinds of insurance policies - health, auto and life insurance. These companies are known for consistently catering to those who need policies that are secure, and reliable.

Top Insurance Companies in the US
1. Prudential Insurance Company
2. AIG Insurance Company
3. State Farm Insurance Company
4. Fidelity Insurance Company
5. The Hartford Insurance Company
6. Lincoln National
7. Principal Financial
8. MassMutual Insurance Company
9. Travelers Insurance Company
10. MetLife Insurance Company
Top 10 Health Insurance Companies
Health insurance plans cover cases, like accidents or injuries. Dental insurance needs to taken, since this isn't usually covered under health; it would require a separate policy undertaking. Here's giving you some of the best health insurance companies out there.

Top Health Insurance Companies
1. Aetna Group
2. Highmark Group
3. Independence Blue Cross Group
4. UnitedHealth Group
5. Health Care Service Corporation
6/ CIGNA HealthCare of New Hampshire
7. Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare
8. Coventry Corp. Group
9. Humana Group
10. WellPoint Inc. Group
Top 10 Life Insurance Companies
When the policy matures, or when the policy holder/insured passes away, the company then pays this insurance to the nominees mentioned at the time of application.

Top Life Insurance Companies
1. Genworth Financial
2. Prudential Financial
4. Lincoln National
5. MetLife
6. NorthWestern Mutual
7. Principal Financial
8. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
10. New York Life Insurance
Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies
Listed below are some of the top companies that cater to auto insurance. They cover any accidents that damage the vehicle, aiding you in any financial loss. Sometimes even medical bills and medicines are covered by the auto insurance company.

Top Auto Insurance Companies
1. State Farm
2. AIG
3. AllState
4. Progressive
5. Esurances
6. Bristol West Insurance Group
7. Unitrin
8. GMAC Insurance
9. Access Insurance Company
10. The Explorer Insurance Company
The insurance companies in the above mentioned types of insurance, have a good streak when it comes to availing their services to the masses. Find out more about them, and do ample research before getting involved in an insurance company's policies and plans. It is advisable to always go to a known source for help, or others that are insured by trusted companies. Stay insured, stay safe.