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15 Things You Can Buy with Bitcoins

15 Things You Can Buy with Bitcoins

With Bitcoin fast gaining popularity, you must know about the things you can buy with them. Here is a list of things that you can buy with Bitcoins.
Madhushree Kelkar
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Bitcoin is a digital currency which has taken the world by storm. Many merchants who were reluctant to accept payments through Bitcoin, have opened up to it. In fact, there were many who turned their small Bitcoin earning into huge profit when their price reached an all time high in November, 2013. However, there are people who find the volatile nature of Bitcoin a risky proposition, and prefer to accept payment through established traditional modes of payment. As a customer, you should be aware about the various things and services you can buy with Bitcoins. This article enlists a variety of things.

Space Travel

If you are in for an out-of-this-world experience and are ready to shell money ( well, a lot of it, almost US$ 250,000 ) for the ultimate space travel, then the good news is that you can now pay for it through Bitcoin. In fact, just a few days back, 6 of their Bitcoin customers have been confirmed for a space trip.

Psychic and Healing Services

Who would have predicted that you could get psychic consultation and healing services by paying through Bitcoin. See it to believe it. Denver's psychic Andye Murphy, offers a plethora of psychic and healing services which can help to restore your own truth.

Flight Booking

Yes, you can now book your flights and pay for it through Bitcoins. In fact, in November 2013, CheapAir  announced that it has become the world's first travel agency to utilize Bitcoin. They are also planning to accept bitcoins for booking flights and hotel reservations through their CheapAir  iOS app.

Chinese Herbs

If you are looking for some natural Chinese remedies, then do not forget to log on this website. It offers Chinese herbs which are quality assured by Taiwanese TCM standard. One of the specialties of this website is that these Chinese herbs can be traded exclusively only for bitcoins and no other currency.

$7 Tees

If you have a penchant for some funky politically incorrect tees for $7, then you will definitely have to visit this website. It offers some of the most hilarious and crazy designs by blogger A. B. Dada. Moreover, they do not mind accepting payment via Bitcoin, apart from PayPal.

Auctioned Goods and Antiques

Who would have thought that you could get a coveted estate jewelry piece or an Egyptian artifact for bitcoins. Yes, that's right. Aspire auctions allows you to bid for antiques and even lets you pay for them through Bitcoin. It practically allows you to pay through every available option.

Shopping Website

Well here is an website that will allow you to have an Amazon-like shopping interface to buy different items. It offers a variety of categories like books, arts and crafts, gadgets, health and beauty products, etc. There is a wide range of gifts which you can easily buy using Bitcoin.


With Gyft, you can buy various gift cards like Amazon, Target, Bath and Body works, Gap, Sephora, Game Stop,  etc. It is a perfect website to shop during the gift-giving seasons. Now, it offers gift cards via Bitcoin. What's more? You can even earn 3% points back by shopping with the help of Bitcoin.


Thanks to the libertarian social philosophy of Agorism, this website helps to exchange voluntary goods and services without the State's obstruction. It helps to roll out delectable tax-free candy based on your order. Not only this, but it accepts bitcoins as a viable mode of payment.


If you are looking for some fun lasers, then this place is for you. It offers high beam lasers which can even melt plastic and burst balloons. What's more? Pay for them using Bitcoin, and even get some custom-made if you don't find one that suits your requirement.


Yeah, you read it right. You can now order your good old pizza with the help of Bitcoin. All you have to do is log on to pizzaforcoins,  and check if the local pizza place is open, and it will deliver to your address. You will then have to place your order by sending the payment to the unique Bitcoin address. Give it 35-80 minutes, and your pizza will be at your doorstep.

Doctors' Consultation

If you have any questions regarding a medical condition, you can just log on to coinmd  and ask your question. You have the facility to pay with Bitcoin after you receive an answer. If you pre-donate USD 10 or more in BTC after asking your question, you will receive an immediate and elaborate reply.

Barber Services

Yeah, what you just read is true. Barber Josh Arias of Mayberry Salon & Barbers LLC is offering his services and accepting bitcoins too. The next time you are in Reno, Nevada, don't forget to visit this entrepreneur who charges USD 18 for his services, which is easily payable with Bitcoin.

Online Dating

Ok Cupid  allows you to become a part of their online dating service absolutely free. However, if you want access to its A-List, which comes with additional perks and privileges, you can pay around USD 10 worth of bitcoins every month to continue your subscription.

Cosmetic Surgeries

Last but not the least, your bitcoins can actually pay for your cosmetic surgical procedures at the website vanitymiami.  It does not matter if you are opting for a tummy tuck, liposuction, or breast augmentation surgery. All you have to do is use Bitcoin to pay for it. One of the other benefits of using Bitcoin is that your name will remain anonymous.

With the growing awareness about the benefits of using Bitcoins, many merchants are opening up to the concept of virtual money. Now that you know about things to buy with Bitcoin, ensure that you are fully aware about the rate of conversion before you send over your bitcoins.