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Tax Deductions for Homeowners

Scholasticus K Feb 6, 2019
Taxation and real estate are two factors of any economy that clash during the financial year-end when individuals, organizations are busy filing tax return. Tax deductions for homeowners are some very important deductions that can be availed by taxpayers.
The economic recession that started in 2008 started partially as a result of the real estate loans and mortgages that were defaulted or repaid at a much later date. Hence, many real estate legislation and enactments were passed by the United States Congress in late 2009 with the Obama administration playing a very instrumental role in their implementation.
Mortgage and loan modifications, tax deductions, change in rate of interest were some important points elaborated. In the wake of the recent recession and speculation of an ensuing double-dip recession, another turmoiled financial year nears its end, bringing the opportunity for homeowners to take advantage of certain tax deductions designed to benefit them.

What are Tax Deductions

In order to prevent and reverse the negative effects of the recession, homeowners are now entitled to receive some selected tax deductions and benefits that lessen their financial burden of owing and maintaining homes. Tax deductions are basically reductions in the income tax.
When a person files for an income tax return with the Internal Revenue Service, there are certain provisions that have been made with the help of which people can avail some deductions. A deduction is basically reduction in the total amount of income that is to be taxed by the IRS.
Tax deductions can be availed or applied for while filing for a return. In some cases the government can also use methods of tax credit and tax relief checks to help  taxpayers. The real estate market has become a sensitive field after the economic recession. The taxpayers who are also home owners, are able to avail some very important tax deductions.

Various Tax Deductions for Homeowners

Mortgage Interest

The annually paid mortgage loan is an important deduction that reduces the amount of income taxed by the Internal Revenue Service. The Topic 504 of the IRS, mentions some important tax deductions, related to home mortgage.
In some case the interest of mortgage that is paid by the corporations for their premises is also an important tax deduction. You might need to submit a proof of payments along with the return.

Use of Home for Business Purposes

Another very commonly observed deduction is the one where the self-employed people claim an itemize deduction for tax. This kind of deduction is specified in the Topics 509 to 512 of the IRS.

Home Improvement Tax Deductions

There are several different types of home improvement that are implemented every year. According to the laws in the United States home improvement is basically increases the book value of the real estate.
The total process of improvement tends to improve the quality and life longevity of the property. Hence the United States government considers, home improvement to be a valid grounds for a tax deduction claim. IRS has specified three categories of home improvements, that are eligible for tax deductions.


Depreciation is an age-old claim for tax deductions. A tax calculator will help you to determine the percentage of depreciation which you can deduct.

Private Mortgage Insurance

If you are paying private mortgage insurance on a residential property purchased after 1st January, 2007, the amount of such private mortgage insurance is deductible from tax. This also applies to paying PMI on any refinancing activity on a house bought after 1st January, 2007.
Besides the aforementioned stipulation of the date, another condition needs to be fulfilled by you for being eligible for deduction of PMI amount - your adjusted gross income must be below $ 1,10,000.
Apart from the federal deductions in tax for homeowners, you might as well have a look at the regional and state laws for more tax deductions. In many cases, sale and purchase of real estate, especially homes, becomes a valid ground for tax deductions. Closing costs, which in many cases are pretty high, are deducted from the taxable income.