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Single Mother Scholarships

Single Mother Scholarships
Scholarships for single mothers are very important because, they help such women pursue their education which may not be possible, when they have to look after themselves and their baby.
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The number of single mothers in our society has increased greatly over the years. According to statistics, divorce and death of spouse are believed to be the main reasons for the rise in their number. They have to handle several responsibilities such as looking after children, earning money to run the household, and continuing their education. It is indeed a tough job, and many actually find it difficult to meet their educational needs, after shouldering the responsibilities of their children. Though the Internet has made finding scholarships easy, many are actually unaware of them.
The Scholarships
Here are some scholarships you can apply for. Except 'Single Mothers Scholarship Fund', all the scholarships mentioned below, though not exclusively available only to single mothers, they can apply for them and get the benefit.
Raise the Nation Scholarship
It is for those, who are facing the problem of shortage of funds for their college education. It can help them meet their living expenses easily. It is generally provided on a yearly basis.
Women's Independence Scholarship Program
For women who are victims of domestic violence, Women's Independence Scholarship Program (WISP) can be a great relief. After completing university education with the help of this scholarship, single moms can expect to get good jobs in prestigious and renowned organizations.
Single Mothers Scholarship Fund
For those who are interested in studying in DCCCD colleges, the Single Mothers Scholarship Fund can prove to be very useful. In order to be eligible for it, you need to officially have the custody of your child and have an income which falls in the range declared by the government.
Talbots Charitable Foundation
This program includes one $30,000 Nancy Talbot Scholarship Award, named in memory of the founder of Talbot. It also awards scholarship worth $5,000 to thirty applicants.
Women in Aviation International Scholarships
This grant requires applicants to submit their resume, letter of recommendation and also a 500 words essay.
Other Scholarships
Assistance is provided through the college scholarships like Jeannette Rankin Foundation Scholarship and National Society for Women Engineers Scholarship. Apart from these, there are many grants available, which can help you rent a home and meet general expenses.
Important Things to Remember
Single mothers seeking aid should be aware of the eligibility criteria. It has been observed that, many applications get rejected because of wrong information given by interested candidates. Late submission of forms can also result in rejection of your application. In the application form, you will have to give details about your name, age, residential address, citizenship, income, transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc. You can consult an experienced person to help you in this matter.