Single Mother Grants for Homes

Sonia Nair Oct 28, 2018
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Apart from the grants provided by government agencies, a single mother may also get help from organizations, for purchasing a home. Here are some guidelines.
The number of single mothers in the society is increasing day by day. Whether it be due to the alarming rise in divorces or due to the rising number of teenage pregnancies; the fact is that, raising kids singlehandedly is a difficult task.
The government has come up with assistance programs and grants for single mothers. They include funding for daycare assistance, jobs for under employed, training and education programs for under employed single mothers, food stamps, and medical assistance. If you are a single mother, wanting to buy/rent a house for your family, the government can help you.

Single Mother Housing Grants

There are various types of government programs and housing grants for single mothers. As these programs and grants may undergo annual changes, you must conduct an online research regarding housing grants for single mothers.
Once you select the right program or government grant, which is best suitable for you, file an application for the purpose. The grant money for assisting the single mom for paying rent or a mortgage, on a house or apartment, will be allotted by the government, according to the qualification and eligibility of the applicant.
Housing grants for single mothers are available via private organizations too. Salvation Army and Walls for Hope, the organizations receiving government grants for housing and other needs. The Nehemiah Foundation, an organization famous for its aiding programs.

How to Apply

In order to apply for government grants for single mothers, especially in case of housing, you must go through the state grants. State governments have various grants for single moms and you can apply for any one of them, if you find it best suited for your condition. You may also opt for home grants through private organizations, like the Salvation Army.
If you could not find any suitable grant for housing from the state government, then try federal resources. It will be easier for you to check the website ( for various government grants for single mothers, with regard to housing. You can choose the right home grant, according to your eligibility criteria.
You may download the application form from the site. You can visit the official website ( of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The department is entrusted with the task of helping individuals, who need assistance in housing. Their responsibilities are providing housing for low income families too.
You can get different single mother housing grants from here. HUD can also allocate low rent apartments. Once you have selected a particular government program for housing, which is meant for single moms, you have to file the application for that grant, to the relevant department. Fill the application form carefully, and submit it before the deadline.
It is also possible that they may place you in the waiting list, as there is a huge demand for some programs. So it is always better to submit your application at the earliest. You can get a house, as per the program, if the officials find you eligible for the single mother grants for homes.