Reasons Why Landlord Insurance Is Refused

An underwriter can deny you insurance, let's know why.
Emma Sneddon May 8, 2019
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As a landlord, it's important that you take an insurance policy to protect your investment property. Unfortunately, for various reasons, an underwriter cannot always provide cover.

Let's know some of the most common reasons among them.

No Tenant

For an empty rental property, an insurance broker will be reluctant to offer a policy. Even taking out insurance without a tenant may be considered suspicious.

Subletting Situation

If the tenants are subletting the apartment, it's very difficult to get coverage for standard landlord insurance packages.

Unconventional Building

Some standard insurance policies won't be offered when the building has a completely unconventional framing.

Informal Agreement

If there is no formal arrangement in place with the tenant, you are less likely to get a proper landlord insurance policy.

No Property Agent

Most standard insurance policies require the appointment of a property agent. If you do not follow the regulations, your insurance coverages will be affected.
Here we've discussed some of the common reasons why you may be denied an insurance policy. However, these will depend on a specific situation and the company you are dealing with.

For more information, don't hesitate to go for an online landlord insurance quote.