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Pros and Cons of Moving to Canada from the U.S.

Mukta Gaikwad Jan 13, 2019
Thinking of shifting base? Well, it is a fair thought if it is about to bring you financial and social success. If you are considering Canada as your next home, here's what you need to know about your move.
The fact that over 50 per cent of the residents of Toronto are not from Canada, that is always a good thing, creatively, and for food especially. That is easily a city's biggest strength, and it is Toronto's unique strength.
― Anthony Bourdain
There can be many reasons for an individual to migrate to another country. One of the primary reasons can be a more lucrative opportunity, especially one that comes with a better standard of living. With a lot of people moving to Canada from the U.S., it is only natural to question the motives behind this migration.
Among the pros and cons of moving to Canada, what matters more is whether the move suits you. As none of these pros and cons are customized, one needs to put a lot of thought into this. Beyond financial advantage, a lot many considerations have to be made while relocating to a new country. Here's a discussion on the benefits of living in Canada vs. the U.S.

Pros of Moving to Canada

Better Earning Potential

A move is never without a reason. If you are planning to move to another country, there must be an underlying reason, else the move would not have been in question. If you are getting a better job in Canada, take it. Other than salary hike, Canada has much more to offer.

Better Quality of Life

Many across the globe vie to live the American dream or at least live it for a while. However, a country like Canada offers a much better life to its residents as compared to its neighbor. This is a point that is sadly missed while comparing the two countries.
Canada, for sure, has a cleaner environment, less frantic lifestyle, and is definitely less corrupted by the glitz and the glamor world. Additionally, as the cost of living is less, life in Canada can be enjoyed in many more ways with less money too.

Safer Environment

Canada has very strict gun laws. Over the years, this has reduced crime rate to amongst the lowest in the world. This makes Canada a safe place to live. Canada has a safe, internally protected, calm place for family and peaceful life.

Better Schools

The schooling system in Canada is quite well established. Education is compulsory till 16 and is largely free. This has led to about 99% literacy (both male and female) in the country.
This point is definitely worth noting if you are planning to move to Canada with your young family. To make a successful move to another country, it is important to consider the social needs of your family.

Cultural Diversity

Diversity and Canada have become synonymous ever since the historic ages. The country is a homogeneous mixture of many cultures ever since it opened doors to immigrants.
Moving to Canada from U.S. will give you a chance to live with people from diverse backgrounds, know their cultures, learn new languages, and build a new perspective on people from various ethnic groups. In the scenario when there is friction between people over race, creed, and religion this will truly help you to see a positive side of diversity.

Cons of Moving to Canada

Extreme Weather

If ever there is one major downside to living in Canada, then it has to be the extremely cold weather conditions. If you are moving from a warmer region of America, then get ready to face some seriously cold weather in Canada.
The summer is short, say, for just about 3 months. The cooler and the cold weather conditions are rather prolonged. In fact, the winters can get brutally cold for someone who has just moved to the country depending on the location.

Higher Taxes

Taxes in Canada are definitely higher than U.S. So, the tax bracket is likely to eat into your savings if you haven't planned well. Every residing person in Canada has to pay tax, whereas in U.S., tax based on citizenship.

Nationalized Healthcare

The healthcare system in Canada is publicly funded. This has largely been a hotly debated issue, and it is difficult to determine whether this is a pro or a con.
But many experts deem the Canadian healthcare system as a disadvantage, while others state otherwise. Due to healthcare being nationalized, it is said to be of a lower quality, which is not up to the mark.
Migrating to a new country builds social pressures too. Settling down, making a home, making new friends, acclimatizing, and finding your groove may take some time. One has to make a conscious effort to go out and meet new people to make the stay there as exciting and adventurous as possible.
But Canada is considered a friendly country that welcomes everyone into its homogeneous peace-loving culture and provides experiences that add great value to life as you go along.