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Property Management Software Comparison

Property Management Software Comparison
The comparison of property management software, provided in this article, will help you choose one, from among the many options.
Omkar Phatak
There is a software program, written for almost every task today. Information technology services and the Internet have combined to make our lives easier. High performance computing hardware is of no use until you use software programs that can harness its inherent power.
Professionals in every field and businessmen are using the programs today, to simplify their work. If you are a property manager or a landlord, there are many software programs that can help in sorting your business affairs.
Handling a property or dealing with tenant problems can be a really tough job. If you are handling many tenants or properties, then maintenance and accounting jobs can really get out of hand. You need software programs and services, that can automate the job for you.
What Can This Software Do For You?
The job profile of a property manager involves many tasks, including accounting, rent collection, maintenance scheduling, tax calculation, and handling day-to-day affairs. The accounting task, along with tax calculation, can be handled by these software programs quite easily.
There are paid as well as free programs out there, for you to choose from. Some programs are actually supported with a complete website, that lets you activate online rent payment for tenants. You can also create lease agreements using these programs. There are many more specialized features that let you handle rent accounts for tenants.
Software Reviews
Here are some of the best programs available online. Most offer web services, that are an integrated part of the software package. I briefly review each one of them for you.
Quicken Rental Property Manager 2.5
This software, available at a price tag of USD 149.99, is designed to manage your rental finances, along with personal accounting jobs. You can maintain detailed balance sheets and track your payments and receipts quite effectively. This one is especially good at handling rental records.
LandlordMax Property Management Software
LandlordMax has high ratings overall due to the ease of use and simplicity of user interface that it offers. For USD 165, you can buy this software online. Tenant and property management can be largely simplified using this program.
Tenant File 6.0 Software
This is your complete tenant accounting and rent account management solution. You can either go for a 100 unit version or an unlimited version. The 100 unit one will cost you USD 249.95, while the unlimited unit version is priced at USD 399.95.
Rent Tracker Property Management Software
Rent Tracker is another software, with web based services. Their software client is available for free but the web management service will cost you upwards of USD 29.99, depending on the number of accounts you need handled. They offer complete rent management through this program.
Some other programs worth mentioning are the following:
  • Property Boulevard
  • Simplify'em
  • Rentec
Get any of these installed on your work computer and automate your accounting work. Many programs also offer online support, which can let you simplify your management job further. Study the features of these software programs in detail and use the one which best suits your requirements.