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Open the Doors to the Best Real Estate Experience

Carol Evenson Nov 13, 2019
Helping people to realize their dream of owning their very own home is one of the most common reasons given for going into the real estate business.

Establishing Lasting Client Relationships

Clients and families rely upon their agent to listen to their needs, do the appropriate research and get them over the threshold.
Although this is a very rewarding job, taking care of the details can sometimes get hectic. Consider the tips shared here to keep it all running smoothly and maintain your clients’ trust.

Be Forthright From the Start

It may not always be easy, but taking time to be as honest as possible is definitely the best policy. If you are showing a house you know in your gut - or on paper - that will not be right for them for some reason, you should say so - but as diplomatically as you can. As long as they are willing to listen.
Outline what you will be doing for them, and how you will help them to  accomplish their goals. Encourage them to be open with you as well. They should feel comfortable telling you what they do and do not like about each property, as well as how they feel of you handling the job.
Remember to take any criticism given as an opportunity to learn and improve, and assure your clients that you are really hearing them. Similarly, you can use all positive feedback to build upon the foundation that you have so painstakingly built.

Educate Yourself

As with any professional path, the real estate agent must stay informed of any changes to laws, procedures or improvement opportunities. There are many online real estate courses that can make continuing education easy and flexible. Setting time to brush up skills and having knowledge will help serve clients better.
Having confidence in your real estate prowess and being able to answer questions without hesitation will help you to help them. They are investing their time in you, so be sure to return the favor and be ready to dispense the best possible information so that their time - and yours - is well spent.

Communicate Often

Buying a home is an overwhelming prospect for people. As their agent, you may be a stranger to them in any other scenario, but during the buying process you are their lifeline. If the market is a bit stale, they will appreciate being reassured that you are keeping an eagle eye out for the first potential home-sweet-home.
Even if nothing is turning up and the near-future prospects don’t look very promising, it will be appreciated if you call, email or text that you are still thinking of them and let them know that they can contact you with any thoughts or ideas. If you don’t hear from them first, make an effort to at least check in every few days to a week.
Without appearing overbearing or pushy, you will be able to keep them informed and remind them that you are there for them.

Get Working on Your Networking

Attending real estate conferences and social events is a great way to get to know your peers. Mang real-estate related professionals make appearances at these gatherings, and you will get to speak with and “pick the brain” of people from other experiences and fields.
You may be multi-talented, but there are probably some limitations to even your impressive abilities. For example, having a list of reputable home improvement contractors - collected from having in-depth conversations with each of them and checking out their credibility - that you can pass along to your clients will allow you to cover a lot of bases.
In a way, it is like giving them an alternate version of you that they can rely on to give them what they are looking for. An additional benefit is that the contractors will often be able to pass your name along to anyone they encounter who may have a need for such services. The best business transaction is one where everyone wins!