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Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas

Aastha Dogra Apr 21, 2019
Anti-abortion, adoption, breast cancer, poverty―whatever issue a non-profit organization is dealing with, there is always the need for some innovative ideas to raise funds to carry on the work. Here's some help...
Raising money for a non-profit organization in this time of recession can pose to be a real challenge. Nevertheless, if you employ some good strategies and keep at it, there are high chances that you will find donors who believe and support your cause.
So, for all those people who are either volunteering or working for a non-profit organization, here are some effective ways and ideas on raising money for charity.


With so many people hooked on to the Internet these days, for doing their work, socializing or shopping, it is the right time to utilize this medium for raising funds for charity.
One of the best ways is to make an appeal to the people to donate money by sending them emails, newsletters, and alerts, from time to time.
To get maximum results out of this strategy, include lots of links in your emails, which direct users to the website of the organization you are supporting, where they can immediately donate money, then and there.


One of the most effective fundraiser ideas for non-profit organizations is to hold a charity event. It can be something like a marathon, in which you invite anyone and everyone supporting your cause, to participate.
Or a formal dinner, where you have some specific people, those who are the cream of society, and thus, can make some really good donations, if convinced properly. For the former event, you would need a lot of manpower to handle the event as well as some corporate sponsors to fund it.
By holding a marathon, you can raise money by keeping some minimum amount as registration fees. As for the formal dinner party, it would create a lot of impact if you can invite a local celebrity to it.
If you can display some paintings or other craft work made by the people/children of the organization you are working for, it would further add to the charisma of the event, and inspire the society people to make donations.

Donation Containers

To promote your organization's cause and raise some good money, another effective idea is to convince the commercial establishments such as departmental stores, shops, hotels, and restaurants, if they would keep donation containers of your organization at their cash counters.
You will be surprised to find how much money you can raise with this method. So, each month, you can ask the volunteers of your non-profit organization to collect the money from these boxes. The more commercial establishments you can convince, the more funds you can raise.


An auction never fails to yield results. You can hold various auctions to raise funds. The easiest way is to have all the people related to the non-profit organization donate old books, clothes, wall hangings, jewelry, bags, and things they no longer use but are in good condition, to the organization. You can raise money by auctioning these things.
Another method is to have the people, volunteers and workers in your organization make some art and craft items, such as greeting cards, posters, handmade jewelry, handmade T-shirts, and paintings which bring forth your organization's essence, and then put these on sale at an auction, both online and offline.

Volunteer Services

A good way to raise money is to have all the workers and volunteers spare two hours every week, in which they will take up a part-time job and donate the earnings from the same to the charity.

Volunteer Services

A good way to raise money is to have workers and volunteers spare two hours every week, where they take a part-time job and donate the earnings to the charity. Washing cars, gardening, babysitting, pet sitting, cleaning―people can choose from any of them.


Buying things in bulk at a discount and then selling them at a profit, is a simple non-profit fundraising idea.
In recent years, the idea of selling scented candles for raising money has caught the fancy of many fundraisers so much, that many candle manufacturers are ready to negotiate and lower the price for non profits, for bulk orders! Likewise, there are many other things you can put up for sale, like homemade cookie gift baskets, books, candy boxes, calendars.
Once the money is raised, your job does not end there. Being a non-profit organization, it will need funds from time to time. That's why, staying in touch with people who donated for your cause once and building good relationships with them, will ensure that in future too the money does not stop coming your way.