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Can you Buy a Money Order With a Credit Card?

Rutuja Jathar Jan 6, 2019
Want to buy a money order with a credit card? Read ahead to know more about this issue.
Transferring money to another entity, far or near, is not a new thing for us. One easy and safe method of sending a specific amount of money to various geographical locations, is known as 'money order'. Considering the impossibility of getting bounced, most people opt for money order, when it comes to selecting between money order and cashier's check.
However, in the US, money orders were initially started for the convenience of the people who did not have bank accounts for such money transactions. Today, they are mainly used for money transactions specified for foreign countries and unknown parties.
The basic answer to the question, whether you can buy a money order with a credit card, is NO. However, there are a few things to justify this fact as well. First of all, money orders are used as a secured and trusted mode of sending, receiving, and sharing money.
Since it is a mode of guaranteed payment to a person, a person is assured of security of the money. If you use cash, then there is a huge possibility of it getting misused. Checks on the other hand, have their own limitations that we considered before. Hence, you need to use money orders.
There are certain beneficial, as well as valid ways of buying a money order. You can buy it from the bank, post office, check-cashing businesses, western unions, convenience stores, customer service desks, as well as the grocery stores. Depending on the place from where you are buying it, average cost you pay is somewhere around USD 1.
You have to pay by cash, which means, you cannot buy or pay money orders with credit cards. However, you can buy money order with debit card. Unlike credit card, a debit card acts like a personal check and it doesn't function if you don't have money in your account.

Uses of Money Orders

Here are the benefits of buying a money order. People having a new bank account, take time to get a checkbook and there is no better option than a money order for them, if they need to send money in the meanwhile. As a matter of fact, personal checks are not useful in foreign countries, and a person must use the special international money orders for it.
Secondly, bank holidays, time lag, and national holidays, etc., can delay the process of cashing the check, which is not affordable for some important transaction affairs. Money order is also a good way to avoid forgery when doing money dealings with an unknown entity.
If you want to buy a money order, the best thing that you can do is to draw advance cash from your credit card and then buy it. If you have your PIN, then you can use any ATM center and draw the money to buy it. You can also get cash in advance from the bank and hence buy the same. In short, you can't buy a money order with a credit card.