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Money Order Tracking

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Jan 22, 2019
The process of money order tracking makes transfer of funds absolutely safe and fool proof. If you are wondering how to do so, read ahead to know more.
The safest way to send over cash to someone or pay a bill is through a money order. The money order cost is very affordable and the service provided by various agencies is also very safe and sound.
If you send over funds through this method, you even have the option of tracking your money. This service of money order tracking helps you check out whether the order has been cashed and by whom. If you are a first time user, then you must definitely read the content given here to understand this process.


There are various sources through which you can send money order. These agencies include the U.S. Postal Service, Western Union Money Transfer, or MoneyGram. The procedure becomes very easy when you take the help of these agencies.

Tracking a Money Order

When you send a money order, you will receive a receipt tab that was attached to it. You need to keep this tab safe, as it contains the number that will be very helpful in tracking. If you lose this receipt, you never be able to find out if your money order was cashed or lost. It is easier to track wire transfers, but a bit difficult to track money orders.
Next, you need to go to the US post office from where you had sent the order. Then, you need to fill a form 6401 and pay some fees. The officials at the post office will carry out the tracking.
They will give you a report whether the money order was cashed, lost, or stolen. In case it was cashed, they will inform you who received the money and where. If it was lost or stolen, they will refund you the amount.

Tracking Western Union Money Order

In case you send your money order through Western Union, you can visit the company online. You need to have your serial number. Enter the number in the proper field shown on the site.
Here, you will be able to find three status updates, one that the money has been sent, second if the money is ready for pick up, and lastly, if the money has been received by the receiver. This service is available for both the parties, i.e., the sender as well as receiver.

Tracking MoneyGram Money Order

If you need to find out whether your money order by MoneyGram has been cashed, all you need to do is call the automated line of the company. You will be asked to enter the number and the dollar amount sent.
In case the person you have sent the money to does not receive it for over 2 weeks, then you may have to request the company for a photocopy or refund. This can be done by completing a claim card offered by MoneyGram.
This is how you track your money order. Make sure you keep your receipt and receipt number safe as that is the only proof you have sent some money. Money order tracking is not very difficult, if you know whom and how to approach for information.