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Lucrative Side Hustles to Boost Your Monthly Budget

Sophia Gardner Sep 24, 2019
What if you have a fulltime job that you like and that is quite promising but at the moment it just doesn’t provide enough to cover your monthly expenses or to stash some money into rainy day fund? Here are some side hustles that do not encroach on your time but can help you to supplement your budget.

eBooks and Other Downloadable Materials

If you are keen on writing, you can write a book and sell it on a self-publishing platform. If you doubt that you can create the next bestseller, it’s okay. You don’t have to start big. Just find your niche and price your work reasonably.
If you don’t think that fiction is your forte, then all you need is some useful information that others would want to pay for.

For example, you can create manuals and how-tos, or compile a cookbook for dorm dwellers based on your experience.

Start a Blog

That’s an alternative route to take if you think you have the expertise to share but you are not sure how popular it would be. Start a blog and build your audience gradually.

It will take some time before you could monetize your popularity through affiliate marketing of ads but it has some advantages over eBooks.
Blogging is flexible and feedback is immediate. You can change your focus and try new topics to find your sweet spot.

Online Courses

That’s a very fulfilling way of moonlighting that might even become a career. If you have strong knowledge in a particular field, don’t hesitate to join one of the existing platforms as a teacher.
You don’t have to be a college professor to do that. For example, many college-bound young people need admission essay help. If you have nailed yours back then you might have some tips to share.

Creative Cards

Digital cards or hand-crafted ones are something that people will need in abundance before every holiday season – just when you need to supplement your budget.
It’s your call whether you want to create them digitally or you are more on a paper and glitter-glue side of the spectrum.

All it takes is creativity to craft cute and witty cards people are looking for.

Stock Photos

Do you take stunning photos and wish you could turn all those hearts in Instagram into cash? Try taking and selling photos on the stock image platforms. You will need to do some prior research there to see which niches aren’t being covered.
Of course, you might need models and props, but sometimes all it takes is your friend who is holding a white sheet of paper or a chalkboard in her hands.

Create Crafts

If you are crafty, sites like Etsy are a great opportunity for you.

For example, if knitting helps you to relax, but your family doesn’t need THAT many scarfs and socks, you can sell the items online to someone who appreciates hand-made and cozy things but doesn’t have a knack for creating them.
Everything from snarky quotes on a t-shirt to stain-glass mugs will find an admirer willing to pay to take your creation home.


People who travel often need someone to keep an eye on their property, plants, and pets. This is a very flexible gig as opposed to babysitting or dog walking since it doesn’t require you to be there for specified hours.

House sitter can have a fulltime job and spare just a couple of hours in the evenings.
These are some ongoing things that do not require a full-time commitment but can improve your financial standing.

Besides, who knows, maybe you will be able to grow them into your own business!