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Life After Bankruptcy Discharge

Kundan Pandey Nov 18, 2018
An individual's life after bankruptcy can be a road uphill for many as financial crunch can make it difficult for you to manage your expenses. Nonetheless, it can be a fresh start to your professional life and can be seen as an opportunity to begin from the scratch.
'Bankruptcy discharge' is a term that refers to the legal process in which a debtor is released of any obligations to pay off his debts. Laws, rules and regulations governing bankruptcy discharge vary significantly depending on the case a debtor files - chapter 7 bankruptcy, 11, 12, or chapter 13 bankruptcy.
Life after filing of bankruptcy can be stressful for many and a relief for others, as the debts are no more to be paid off. However, with few or no assets belonging to you, life may be difficult. Your concerns about your secure financial future may render you sleepless nights. Frustration and mental agony are bound to creep in.
However, looking at the positive aspects of bankruptcy will help you to feel better. After you've got no debts to pay off to your creditors, you can begin a new life by working hard on your credit score.

Improving Life After Bankruptcy

After bankruptcy, you have got to face adversity. That's for sure. However, it's not the end. Majority of people are able to bounce back in their and improve their financial status. You too can improve your life post bankruptcy by following several steps, that are as follows.

Monitor Your Credit Report

Henceforth, make it a habit to keep an eye on your credit report so that there are no errors in it. Carefully check all the mistakes you did and all small details in your report.
Keep a track of all the dues you have paid, assets you own and things that you've lost. An overall assessment of your credit report will help you understand where you went wrong and take steps to avoid same mistakes further.

Clear all Bills

Make it a habit to pay all your credit card bills within the stipulated timings fixed for it. Don't postpone your plans to pay off the bills as that can cause accumulation of debts that again will be a financial burden. Keep things simple, pay on time.

Improve Your Credit Card Score

Don't forget that your credit card score is worst after bankruptcy. So, firstly you should get a secured credit card. These cards have a minimum balance in your account that is used as a security.
If you take things in you hands and act responsibly, make regular payments, slowly your credit card score and hence credit card rating will improve. Once, you've achieved a good credit card rating, you can switch over to unsecured credit cards. Again, be frugal in your spending.

Build Assets

OK. This may sound weird. How can you buy build assets after bankruptcy? Well, the truth is that there are short-term loans offered by lenders after bankruptcy.
Yes, I know you're wondering, is it so easy to get after bankruptcy loans? Well, it may not be so easy but you can try to get bankruptcy loans as that can be of great help to improve your credit score. According to me, It's not a great idea to straight forward go for home loans after bankruptcy.
This is due to the fact that home loans are for long terms and probably your lender may not trust your ability for long term payment of the loan. Hence, go for some short-term after bankruptcy personal loans. Use this loan to buy assets and improve your financial stability.
It may work wonders in improving your life after bankruptcy. It's a fact that you can't file for a bankruptcy for 8 years, after you've filed it once. So, short term loan lenders can surely bet on you, to pay back the amount.

Start Saving

No matter what your job is, start saving. Try and save for a rainy day. This is one of the best bankruptcy advice any counselor can give you.
For making yourself more aware about intricacies of life after bankruptcy discharge, you can invest few hundred dollars in bankruptcy counseling as that is valuable in the long term. Start inculcating good money saving tips, maintain a record of your spending and remember, every penny counts.
Life after bankruptcy discharge is going to be tough but if you look at it positively, you'll realize that you can improve your life by being vigilant in your savings and spending. Work hard and take this financial loss as a learning experience to bounce back to normal life. It may take years but you'll learn many things about managing money.