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Investments to Fight Inflation

Charlie S Mar 14, 2019
Rising inflation is a matter of concern for global economies. This article will suggest you some of the finest investments to fight inflation and secure your future financially.
In most countries, inflation is at a record high these days. There are many macro-economic factors and international issues which lead to a rise in inflation.
Though the developing and underdeveloped countries have been worst affected by inflation, the developed countries too need to take some effective measures to curb this problem. Inflation can really affect our financial planning decisions, and no one can really predict what will be the rate of inflation after many years.
So, while choosing investments to fight inflation, we should look for options that would conveniently beat the inflation rate. For this calculation, you should consider the rate of inflation to be much higher than the current rate. Here are some investments that can help you beat inflation.

Direct Stock Investments

Direct stock investments can be the investments to protect oneself against inflation because of their high returns. Returns from stocks can be very high if investments are planned in an organized manner. As an aggressive investor, you can concentrate on the mid-cap stocks for high returns in a small period of time.
Though stating how much returns they can generate exactly is difficult. But many investors are known to make fifty to seventy percent return in a year with the fast-moving mid-cap stocks. A diversified portfolio consisting of quality large-cap and mid-cap stocks is often suggested to beat inflation comfortably.


Commodities can be the investment to avoid inflation because their prices are very high when inflation is high, and hence one can get protection from this problem.
Since the demand for commodities is rising at a great pace, their prices will also rise fast as per the law of demand. So, commodity investors are bound to make huge gains in the times to come. This is also one of the investments to hedge inflation for those who are not knowledgeable about the capital markets.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Commercial and residential real estate can be the best investments due to rising demand for properties. The demand for homes and office spaces had declined considerably some two years ago because of the recession effects.
However, as the economy picks up, the sale of homes would rise and so will the prices of these properties. So, any person having sufficient money can get a decent appreciation in his property price in the years to come.

Mutual Funds

Though mutual funds are a great form of investment, remember that all mutual funds available in the market cannot be the right investments to fight inflation. You will have to observe the mutual fund ratings and then select an appropriate fund to get the maximum benefits.
Aggressive mutual funds investing in emerging sectors and stocks should be on your radar. Value funds are those which try to invest in stocks which are lesser known in the market, and these can be the ideal ones for you in today's market scenario, where the valuations of front line stocks are too expensive.


Gold investments are also very profitable in the long run. If you observe the price movement of gold over the past years, you will see a continuous uptrend. So, investors have benefited greatly by holding gold for a longer term. This can be a part of your long term investment portfolio to beat inflation.
The aforementioned investments are important to fulfill all your goals in life. High inflation can take a toll on a person's financial health, and before this happens, we need to have a well drafted plan to ensure good wealth creation. So, good luck and think over this point!
DISCLAIMER: This information is just for reference purposes and does not recommend any investments.