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Investing in 2019

Austin Winder Jun 17, 2019
2019 promises to be both a potentially profitable and hectic year in the world of finance, and investors face tough decisions on where to put their money. The good news is that financial experts see a number of areas that look like good candidates for investment, and there is a lot of high-quality information out there for the serious investor.

Investment Blogs

Having the right information is critical for any investor, and there are a number of excellent forums to help the investor make financial decisions.
For starters, Jagoinvestor is a fantastic source for advice on how to develop an investment strategy in general and for up-to-date information on mutual funds in particular.
The Safal Niveshak blog places a special emphasis on the small investor, and you can turn to ApnaPlan for perspectives and developments on tax issues.

Stocks and Mutual Funds

When it comes to stocks in 2019, experts are cautiously optimistic. There has been a world-wide bull market since 2009, and all signs indicate that this is ending. Most markets look strong in general, though, and it's fine to be a little bit bullish as long as you're not expecting linear growth when it comes to the stock market.
In general, mutual funds are cheaper due to some relaxing of regulations. Experts recommend putting money in United States-backed funds, but not overdoing it. While such funds have taken a beating lately, they are still very strong for the long-term; having said that, don't put all your money in them.
For a reliable investment, consider debt mutual funds. These funds are in areas where interest is fixed, such as treasury bills and corporate bonds, so they are far less volatile than equity mutual funds, which emphasize investment in equity stocks.

Real Estate

While your first real estate decision is where to live yourself, owning additional properties looks like a good investment decision going into 2019. The two most important factors to consider when investing in a given piece of real estate are the location of the property and how much rental income it can potentially bring in.
Buying real estate is a big step because property holdings can not be quickly converted to cash in a pinch; having said that, they can be an excellent place to put your money long-term. If you are planning on developing on land that you own, remember that regulatory approvals in India can often take a long time. 


Gold proved to be an excellent holding in 2018 because of the declining United States dollar and the uncertainty created by international trade wars. This underscores the fact that the more volatile markets become, the better an investment gold is.
Furthermore, there is every reason to believe that the geopolitical tensions that drove up the price in gold in 2018 will continue through 2019. If the price of oil continues to rise, this will also be good for the value of gold.
If you choose to invest in gold, remember that owning gold jewelry means accepting security risks, and minted gold coin is the more convenient option. It's possible to invest in gold without having to be responsible for it yourself through gold-backed exchange traded funds where your owned gold is stored in a secure vault somewhere else in the world.