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Internet Banking Security

Chandramita Bora Feb 8, 2019
The popularity of Internet banking has revolutionized the entire banking sector by enabling customers to conduct financial transactions online. However, there are some security lapses, which can be avoided by some simple safety measures, read ahead.
Internet banking has added a new dimension to banking transactions by allowing customers to conduct financial transactions through the Internet. Banking institutions have taken several measures to ensure the security of transactions carried out through the internet.
However, it is also essential on the part of customers to follow some simple, yet important measures to prevent themselves from becoming a victim of computer crackers, who can gain unauthorized access to their bank accounts.

Safe Online Banking

Online banking transactions can be kept safe by keeping password and pin number secret.
The information of pin number and password of your Internet bank account should not be disclosed. It is also important to change your password at regular intervals. Further, be sure to not respond to any e-mails or telephone calls inquiring about the details of your card or card number, as no bank will contact you directly to get such information.
The security of your personal computer is also important for safe online banking. Therefore, always install antivirus software, and software that can remove spyware. Spyware can obtain information from your computer without your knowledge or consent, and spread it on the net.
This can compromise the security of your computer, allowing crackers to access your internet bank account for unauthorized and criminal transactions. Install updated versions of the operating system you use. You can also install firewalls, that can protect your computer from crackers by creating a barrier between your computer and Internet or network.
Checking bank statements regularly will help detect any transaction that has taken place without your knowledge. An unknown transaction can indicate that someone having access to your internet bank account. You need to be vigilant while accessing Internet from someone else's computer or an Internet cafe.
While banking through Internet, make sure that the banking session is secure. You will often get indicators like the presence of 'https://' in the URL. Sometimes, a digital certificate can be viewed if you click on a certain key displayed in the window.
In addition to these, always remember to completely log off after completing the banking session. If you do not log off properly, the banking session may not be closed, which can enable crackers to acquire the details of your internet account.
Nowadays, the banking institutions have come up with a number of safety measures for ensuring secure online banking. Before conducting any financial transaction with banks through the Internet, you can evaluate these security measures.
Always beware of mails that extend lucrative offers for making easy money. Do not disclose any private information, especially related to your bank account, unless you are sure about the authenticity of such organizations.
By following these simple and easy precautionary measures, you can ward off the threat posed by vicious crackers to the security of your internet bank account.