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How to Raise Money for a Mission Trip

Actionable Ideas on How to Raise Money for a Mission Trip

Going on a mission trip and having a shortage of funds? Don't worry. Here are some tips on how to raise money for a mission trip.
Rohan Bhalerao
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2019
A mission trip is not a simple trip to break-free from your mundane daily activities, but it has a purpose, and a mission is undertaken to benefit some needy people. It is a sort of cross-cultural exposure or it can even be your own culture-study leading to humanitarian work.
It is done to satisfy the health, educational or spiritual needs of the disadvantaged sections of our society. You must have enjoyed raising money in your childhood for some outdoor trip or function. But raising money for a mission trip gives you a feeling of gratification.
Since you do it for a good cause, it makes you feel grounded and humble. There are many different ways to raise money for a mission trip, and since your cause is bigger, you can get people donating money with open arms.
How to Raise Money for a Christian Mission Trip
Saved Money
Save Money
There must be your own piggy bank at home, wherein you must have accumulated money over the years for buying something you have always wanted.
Understand that it may be important to you, but if you see the larger picture, more often than not, it may seem trivial given the unfulfilled basic needs of the people whom you are going to help.
Begin raising money by first donating from your own pockets. Ask your parents if they can help in any way to contribute to your cause. Of course, if you or your family's financial condition is not good, you can follow some other ways to raise money for your trip.
Letters and Emails
Writing letter to a friend
Write letters or emails to your relatives, friends and colleagues explaining the cause of your trip. You can also meet corporate people and businesses, who are ever-willing to support noble causes.
Mail them and see if they can fund your trip. Sometimes, you can get your entire trip funded through some corporates. Of course, your contacts will help in this regard.
Social Networking
Tablet with social media concept
The most important advantage all the social networking sites have provided is that they have brought people closer, and these sites are a sure way to raise money for humanitarian causes.
social media
Post an update on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter about your mission trip and how it is going to aid a larger cause. Call out people to make a contribution to a noble cause. If all the mission members do this, you can surely raise a large sum through online donations.
Yard Sale
If you sift through your bedroom or the attic, you may find a lot of things which are of no use to you. There are many household things like clothes, toys, sports equipment, books, magazines, furniture or home appliances, which you may have used very rarely.
Teenage Girl Holding Yard Sale
You can sell these things in a yard sale, and if you let the passersby know your noble cause, there is a huge chance of bringing in a good amount. Also, try to arrange a large yard sale with collected things from your friends and fellow trip members too.
Market your Mission Trip
Marketing your mission trip means get in touch with your local supermarket or mall owner. Ask them if they can allow you to raise money for your noble cause in their mall. Place placards and donation boxes in the visible areas of the mall, writing in short the goal of your mission trip.
If people approach you, explain to them what cause it is going to serve and how you are doing your best to support that cause. There are many people out there, who want to reach out and help in some way to the society, but they can't do it because of their busy schedule. These people won't hesitate even for a second before donating a good sum for your cause.
Many churches offer scholarships to students who want to go on mission trips. Check out if the church can provide any financial help through offering you a platform to address a congregation and help put your request forward.
A Sunday mass can be an ideal time to raise money highlighting your cause. Also, you can request the church board to put the information of your mission trip in their monthly newsletter, so that more people know about it.
Car Wash or Bake Auction
Dirt off
Use the good old car wash idea, which never fails to raise funds. Nowadays, a bake auction has become famous and a fun way to raise money. You can arrange dinner at a gala event or community gatherings, and auction yummy desserts later.
These are some of the tried and tested ways explaining how to raise money for a mission trip. If you have done something out-of-the-box and implemented any innovative ideas to raise money for charity or a mission trip, let us know to help people raise a good amount in various ways. Your trip can be fun and life-changing at the same time. All the best!