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How to Raise Money for Cancer Patients

Mukulika Mukherjee Nov 22, 2018
Wondering what all things you can do to raise money for cancer patients? Well, the answer is quite simple! There are a number of options out there. Just have a look!
Today, cancer is curable but the cost of treatment is so high that a family with average income finds it difficult to afford the treatment of their loved ones. In such a scenario, financial aid of any kind, can be a boon for cancer patients and their families. This is where you can step in and offer help in whatever little way you can.
Whatever you do, just make sure more and more number of people are aware of it. After all, your objective is to raise as much money as possible for your cause, right? Here are some ideas that can contribute to your cause.

Ways to Raise Money for Cancer Patients

So, you have taken up, or are willing to take up, a cause to help cancer patients in your locality? Well, all it requires is to think out of the box and come up with innovative ways to catch the interest of the people at large. This will make them contribute and be a part of your cause. Get the hint? Now let's see what all you can do.

A Game of Raffle!

This is one of the hottest ways to raise money for charity. A raffle is a popular game where people buy tickets to win a grand prize. Print raffle tickets with numbers on them. Now decide the price of each ticket based on what the grand prize is. The bigger the prize, the higher the amount for which you can sell the tickets.
If you are able to advertise the event successfully, you can even get local shops and brand outlets to donate goodies for the raffle prize. This way it can get even bigger with prizes like the latest smart phone, or the best sports kit, up for grabs!

A Cookout in Neighborhood!

This is also a fun way to raise money! Get friends, members of your locality, and tell them to prepare and bring at least one mouth-watering dish to the cookout event. When there are so many delicacies to sell, you will surely get great response.

Washing Neighbor's Car!

A fundraiser carwash means washing cars for money! Just put up a board by the roadside and wait for people to call you for a car wash. Mention you are doing it for a cause. People will be happy to see their car sparkling and also would contribute to the cause.

Music for Money!

They say music is the spirit of the soul! After all, who doesn't like to spend an evening listening to their favorite songs? You can cash in on people's love for music by organizing a concert, wherein you can invite popular bands to perform live.
All you need to do is to plan well in advance and arrange for sponsorships from local businesses. Also make sure every one in your locality is aware that you are organizing one, through proper advertising. The more the number of people buying tickets for your concert, the better it is for your cause.

Charity Goes Online!

This is an effective way to raise money for patients suffering from cancer and other terminal illnesses. Create a website dedicated to the patient and add the patient's details and photographs along with photographs of his family.
This should serve as the patient's personal website in which visitors can learn about his/her medical history and present condition, and donate if they wish to. This way they can connect with the patient and empathize with his family.
In addition to the ideas given above, there are a few other ways to raise money, which can be effective as well.
► Place containers for donations in local shops.
Place ads in newspapers and other media, such as the local radio.
Contact the local church or an NGO for help.
Organize a 'Walk for a Cause' event.
Before proceeding with any fundraising event, it is important to tell the patient about it, and ask if he agrees. Some people find it difficult to accept charity and this may cause problems later. So, now that you have read about raising money for cancer patients, you are sure to have a successful fundraising event. Good luck for taking up the noble cause!