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How to Manifest Money Fast

Aastha Dogra Feb 10, 2019
Attracting money through the power of positive thinking is indeed a reality. Here are few tips on ways to manifest money fast, will assist you on how to go about it.
It's been scientifically proved that a person who thinks positive and is optimistic, has more chances of surviving a grave illness than someone who simply gives in! Positive thoughts have a great impact, not only on our mind and body, but also on the things around us, in fact in the entire universe!
You must have read somewhere that we attract people in our lives who are very similar in some ways to us. Well, it is true! The way we think, the way we are, the way we behave, opens doors for people with the same outlook as ours, in our lives.
Can these "laws of attraction" or the "power of positive thinking" be extended to the material things, to money? Is manifesting money through positive thoughts possible? If yes, how? Let's find the answers...

Steps to Manifest Money Quickly

You must have seen people around you who seem to be "lucky". Whether it comes to getting a promotion in the job or something as small as getting a discount on something they want to buy, these people seem to get everything, the way they want, leaving the people wondering, "Are they god's favorite children?"
If you know such people closely, look at how they take things. They are more open, positive and always think good. They somehow "know" that they will get what they want because they always do! They have a self-belief which never fails them. These are tips on inculcating a similar thought process - a thinking which makes you believe you deserve to be rich!

How to Spend?

From now, develop a thought process that welcomes money. Think about things like, "I will have this amount of money in the future. How will I spend it?". Start planning future expenditure as if you already have money! This will attract money to you!

Be thankful!

The next thing to do is to be thankful for what you have. Even if you have less, are not well off like your friends and acquaintances, don't let such negative thoughts enter your mind. Thank God every day for whatever he has given to you.
Do not crib or think of pending bills, payments, etc. day in and day out. Of course, you do need to pay them! However, if you keep on thinking about your "lack" of money, you will always remain in this "lacking" situation!

Visualize and Meditate

Start visualizing that money is coming in your direction. Visualize, think and feel at the same time, that money is coming to you. Do this everyday with full concentration and soon you will see the positivity of your thoughts making you and your life richer!

Be Specific!

It would do you good if you put a number to the amount of money that you want as well as the time in which you want that much money. Write it down on a sheet of paper and put it in front of your bed, on the wall. Every day read whatever you have written, as soon as you wake up, before going to bed and any time in between, during the day.
One caution here - be realistic when you choose the amount and the time. Cause if you yourself don't believe that you can earn this much in this time frame, you will never actually be able to do it!

Feel Satisfied!

Start thinking that you have already earned the money that you wanted to and spend it the way you thought you would. This should make you feel content. Be happy, elated about the whole thing. Remember, positivity attracts positivity.

Take Action!

Lastly, take steps and make some changes in your life, which are necessary for manifesting money fast. So, if this involves a job change or a team change, plan it well and just do it! Listen to your intuition and make it your guiding force.
Even if you are fearful about some of these changes, however your heart tells you that this is the right thing to do to achieve your goals, simply do it. Be hardworking and consistent in your efforts. You cannot earn anything in life, unless and until you work towards it!