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How to Cash a Check

Here are the requirements to cash a check.
Sujata Iyer Jun 16, 2019
People have become so used to carrying plastic money and having everything charged to credit cards, there are many who don't know how to cash a check. ATMs, wireless transfers have made life easier with their quick cash availability, but checks are issued which need to be cashed. You need to know how to cash it. There are various methods to cash a check.

With a Bank Account

It is quite easy to cash a check if you have a bank account. Here are the steps to do it.

❋ When you receive the check, here's what you do to cash it when you have a bank account. You can go to your bank and present them with the check.
❋ But before doing this, you need to endorse it. Flip the check and sign on the back. This is called 'endorsing' a check. By doing this, you are giving proof to the bank that you yourself are cashing it.
❋ With this method, you will also need to carry along with you, a photo I.D. This could be your driver's license, a state issued I.D. card, school I.D., etc. Remember, your own bank will cash another bank's check that has been drawn in your favor only if you have enough funds to cover the amount that you are withdrawing.
❋ Also, if the check is for an unusually large amount, the bank will definitely take some more precautions to verify your identity and probably take a little longer to cash the check.

Without a Bank Account

If you do not have an account with the bank that is mentioned on the check, or do not have a bank account at all, you still do not need to worry. Here's how you cash the check.

❋ All you need to do is look at the check and find out which bank has drawn it.
❋ Ensure it is a valid check. Do checks expire? Yes, they do. Check that you cash it before its validity is up. Your name must be on it, with date of issue and seal or signature of the person or company issuing it.

❋ You need to go to the bank that has drawn the check. Find the nearest branch or go to the branch mentioned on the check for easier cashing.
❋ Make sure you have some sort of photo I.D. with you. A driver's license, a social security card, a state I.D. card, a credit card with your name on it are all acceptable forms of identification.
❋ Most banks ask for at least two forms of identification, especially when cashing checks for people who do not have accounts in their banks. This is a precautionary measure that they use, because if they do not verify the identity of the person cashing the check, it may lead to a loss for their customer and also to the bank itself.
❋ Once you reach the bank, present the check and your identification documents to the teller. He or she will verify appropriately the signature or seal of their customer and hand you the cash almost immediately.
Apart from banks, you can also cash a check from other places like grocery stores, or other places that cash checks. They will require identification and you will also need to forgo some portion of the total amount on the check at their store as a processing fee.