High Risk Stocks to Invest In

Kundan Pandey Oct 23, 2018
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Ideally, high risk stocks must provide high returns on the invested money, so that the risk taken in investing is worthwhile. Here's more...
The thrill of high stock investment attracts many beginners in the stock market. The reason being that, it promises hefty returns on the invested money in a short interval of time.
More so, high risk stock investment has been hyped in these days of online stock trading, when it's easier to invest in stocks even by sitting in the comfort of our homes.

What are High Risk Stocks?

The term 'high risk stocks' simply conveys to us the idea that the stock price as well as the company shareholders have a higher risk of failure than the average risk of failure in normal investments. Besides that, shares that have high risk provide high returns in a short interval of time.
Generally, there is nothing called 'good stocks', as people associate the word 'risk' with 'bad' in the stock market. Companies that are performing poorly have volatile price fluctuations, are not managed properly, and are generally new into their businesses, have stocks with a high risk factor.
With the help of investor analysts and trading tools, one can be aware of stocks that have the highest potential for failure. Remember, this doesn't mean the company is failing. It just means that the probability of stock failure is higher.
However, a firm with risky stocks may be considered good for investment, if it has the potential of high growth, is some innovative technology services, or if it can gain some competitive edge in the near future.

Best High Risk Stocks

The moment we think of high risk stocks, penny stocks come to mind.
These penny stocks are valued at less than US$5, and are generally traded for companies who're completely new into their business, or are running through the risk of financial turmoil.
If you're fortunate, penny stocks may fluctuate drastically in a very short time, and can give you returns four times of your invested money. Moreover, being cheaper, you can buy many penny stocks. But remember, penny stocks are the ultimate risky shares in the stock market, and only choose them if you're fine with losses.
You also have the option of going for shares of firms that have partially collapsed or are going through tough times. This is due to the fact that these companies, if they're able to recover from the tough economic phases, their shares may shoot up phenomenally, giving you wonderful returns.
If you keep an eye on the stock market, you'll find that there are various stocks that normally show significant jumps over a certain period of time.
Remember, identifying the right market time is very important for high risk stock investing. As there can be no fixed stocks that are very risky, ensure that you always research properly and consult an investment adviser before going in for high risk investments.