Grants for Single Mothers to Buy a Home

Kundan Pandey Jan 5, 2019
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In the US, there are several grants that can help single mothers to deal with the overwhelming financial burden that comes with buying a house. Here, you'll get to know a few of them...
Financial constraints make single mothers quit education. Eventually, due to lack of proper education, they do not get good jobs. But government always listens, and they have found a solution to this problem by providing grant to single mothers.
It can be a phenomenal boost in fulfilling the dream of owning a house for single mothers. So, they should not lose hope as financial aid is available for their rescue. All they need to do is to apply for them timely.

Grants for Homes

Providing safe haven for the family to live in, is a major responsibility and top priority of single mothers. Fortunately, government housing assistance helps such mothers and women to own a house.
As such, there is no specific branch, department or unique method allotted for giving grants for single mothers. Searching for these grants can be like a maze, if you're not approaching the right authorities and appropriate websites.
To begin your efforts, you must firstly, visit your local housing authority. You needn't go for some national program, in case your own state has several suitable home buying programs available for you. In case, you're not satisfied by state level housing programs, then you can approach the HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development).
HUD, is one of the premier federal government agencies specializing in home selling. Mostly, HUD focuses on lower income groups and especially on re-selling of foreclosure homes. HUD doesn't directly offer grants to individuals, however, it gives grants to companies who are actively involved in helping people of lower income groups.
Visiting a HUD counselor is necessary so that you know the exact procedure and methodology of obtaining grants. In your quest for an affordable housing grant, you can also contact the State Housing Finance Agency. Such agencies keep a track of housing that is suitable for people with low income groups and hence, they are an easier option for single mothers.
Government websites like grantsgov are ideal for searching grants for single mothers to buy, and they're also a good option for applying for various government grants for women. There you can find hundreds of single grants on the website and so you have various options to choose from.
Once you've found adequate grant, ensure that you've read the eligibility criteria properly. Fill the details of the form properly, without any mistake. In case of single parenthood, you may be required to mention your status, if you're divorced with/without a child, abandonment by other parent and death or imprisonment of other person.
Once you've downloaded the form from the website and filled it properly, you can send it to the concerned agency before the stipulated time. You've got to respect their timing deadlines as any document send after the specific date is liable to be canceled.
You will be also asked to attach some verification of your identity like driver's license or bank pay slips etc. After applying for such grants, single mothers might have to wait for a few weeks to months for approval or rejection of the grant request.
Government grants for first time home buyers are an ideal way to give your family the gift of shelter, that is a primary need for all.