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Good Investments for 2019

Aastha Dogra Feb 8, 2019
Where to put your money in the coming year, to ensure maximum profits and safe returns out of it?
The matter of investing money can make some of us excited, with others wanting to call up their investment advisers. But there are few options out there that can be considered relatively safe, and yield decent returns.
Having said that, you need to remember that no investment is absolutely foolproof, and sourcing advice from professionals is always recommended. We have a list of suggestions that recognize the pulse of the market and can be considered to be safe investment options. Take a look and make your choice.

Best Investments for 2019


Before investing in stocks, you should keep in mind that this investment comes with all the highs and lows that are an integral part of this trade. Buying stocks of a stable enterprise entitle you to a share in its future profits, and losses as well.
While investing in the stock market, always study the market well and try to find out organizations which have low share prices, but are sure to yield tremendous profits in the future. If you have a decent amount in your hands for a long term investment, stocks are a good option.
When companies are in profit, their share prices rise depending on the profit that they have earned. When share prices go high, you may consider selling the shares. An important tip is to sell them off at the right time. Stocks are risky and share prices sometimes start falling down when you expect them to rise even more.

Real Estate

Investing in real estate is a rocking idea in 2019, all thanks to the basic demand-supply dynamics that controls the market.
The current slump in real estate puts you at an advantage, with prices of housing possibly being at their lowest. As a fresh investor, you could think of buying a condo or an apartment in an upscale area, that can be rented out at a higher value. You may also look at buying an independent home.


Gold is a safe and extremely reliable investment, and that's not just from a conservative point of view. Being a value-reserving asset, gold is your best bet in the long run.
The foremost point backing gold as an investment is that its price is controlled almost entirely by the market forces of demand and supply. An important tip, which we would like to share is, keep an eye on the prices of gold and invest only when the prices are low. Consider selling it when market prices go high.
If you are skeptical about keeping a significant amount of gold in your possession, here are two other options -
  • Think of investing in exchange traded funds (ETFs). An ETF is a kind of mutual fund that trades on the stock market.
  • Otherwise, consider buying gold mutual funds. These mutual funds are floated by companies that are into gold mining.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

This is also a good area for investments. Various platforms allow you to lend money to people just like a bank, and you receive the interest they pay in. While returns can vary depending on how risky the loans you choose to fund are, they can be upward of 6% or more.


Always seen as a perfect investment option for the moneyed lot, art is now being seen as a prudent investment for a regular Joe as well. There would be far too many people who'd choose to laugh at this, but one look is all it needs to assess the performance of art as an asset over the years.
For those of you who are considering investing in art for the first time, it is a must to consult an experienced art dealer to guide you.
There are several points to be considered, like insurance, taxes, authenticity and above all, the wayward workings of the art world. It may seem like a lot to an art novice, but there is no harm in keeping art investments as an offbeat option to add to your portfolio.

Fixed Deposits

Fixed deposits are the pick of the lot when it comes to safety, and are a perfect option for the cautious investor.
Primary things to look out for while shopping for a fixed deposit are as follows :
  • The institution you are dealing with
  • Interest rate
  • Term of deposit
There are several options to choose an FD that is right for you. For the conservative investor who's looking at safe returns, government bonds are a good choice for their next-to-nil investment risk. For those willing to risk the returns, corporate and municipal bonds offer a higher rate of returns, but they are under the influence of market fluctuations.

Mutual Funds

The best way to go about investing in mutual funds is to study their past performance. If a fund has fared better than the others over the time, it makes sense to invest in it. Then there's this stinging factor of fund expenses that are cut from the returns you get.
Mutual funds are always affected by any sway in the market trends, but you need to look out for the ones that withstand the volatile nature of the investment market. Always remember, with mutual funds, research is an absolute must.
The best way to ensure that your investment yields profits and is safe, is to hire an investment adviser. A professional understands the working of the financial markets very well and thus, will be able to suggest some good investments, which will meet your financial goals.
Still, it always pays if you have some idea of the positives and negatives of the various investment options available for wealth creation so that you know exactly where you are putting your money.
Disclaimer: This content must be used only for informational purposes. Before investing, do consult an expert and use your fair sense of judgment.