Fundraising Ideas for Non-profit Organizations

Useful and Practical Fundraising Ideas for Non-profit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations facilitate better quality of life, by providing help to the needy, education, funds for different causes, and social services. They do so through community mobilization, and government aid...
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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
The concept of charitable donations to help the needy and poor in society is as old as civilization. However, with passage of time, groups of socially inclined people formed organizations meant for helping people, rather than earning profit. Non-profit organizations, as these were called, do not distribute profits to its members, but use the profit to purse social issues. They need money to function as well as to provide means, facilities, and at times, even infrastructure, to pursue their goals.

How to Raise Money for Your Non-profit Organization

Sponsorship and Donations: This is the easiest way to generate funds for a cause. Approaching individuals as well as business houses will yield positive results. There are many people who support charities as a part of their philanthropic ventures.

Contributions from Educational Institutions: There are various high school fundraising ideas that can help in generating funds for your cause. Although large funds might not be garnered from this source, students can also help in collection of food items and clothes. This kind of collection is most useful in times of a natural calamity.

Online Fundraising: An easy way to raise funds is via the Internet. It has a very little start-up cost, and funds can be generated from the world over. One can directly collect funds through donations, sale of wallpapers, online auctions or adopt-a-cause schemes.

All Year Sales: Sale of cards, wallpapers, paintings, and even seasonal plants will generate an handsome sum, if conducted round the year. Most of these sales could be done in churches, schools and during local neighborhood meets.

Celebrity Endorsement: There is nothing that pulls more crowd than a celebrity. Team up with a celebrity to raise awareness and funds for your cause. But make sure that the celebrity persona does not clash with the cause.

Cultural or Sports Program: Organize a cultural or sports program, and involve many young volunteers. While selecting a venue for the event, look for societies that rent out sports facilities or auditoriums at a discounted rate. Advertise your event well in advance, either through local papers, television news, or fliers.

Auctions: Auctions are a great way to collect funds, and also advertise your cause. Items to be auctioned need not be very expensive. Even auctioning food items will yield good results. Donated items and celebrity possessions can also be auctioned. This event should be advertised well in advance to receive a good response.

Food and Games: Setting up booths for both food and games can generate huge amount of funds, and will attract children as well as adults to your event. Have many different variety of food stalls and simple games to keep everyone on their feet. This could also be an excellent place to register volunteers for future endeavors.

Adopt-a-Cause: This method can draw individuals, groups and major business houses. Many people like to be involved in work relating to helping the underprivileged, natural calamity disasters, and environmental conservations schemes.

A good fundraiser does more than just collect funds. It helps to bring the community together with the objective of helping others, either through direct or indirect involvement. While conducting any fundraising event, make sure you educate people well on the work done by your organization. This will always ensure a steady stream of volunteers and funds.
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