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Easy-to-implement Fundraising Ideas for Churches

Fundraising Ideas for Churches
Fundraising needs to be done with a plan - not everyone is willing to let go of their hard-earned money, no matter how noble the cause is. In this post, we'll give you a few ideas to fundraise for a church.
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2019
Donation for church and good deeds
A church may need funds for repair, upkeep, or for adding property among many other things. If you want to help your local church in raising funds, there is a lot you can do. 
However, whatever you do, make sure you have a plan. First, before you make a plan, write a small article that states the reasons for this fundraising. It should also mention the urgency in which funds are required, and how many. No matter which idea you use, this article will be necessary.
Group of people in a marathon
Marathons are one of the best fundraising ideas, as they endorse good health too.
These can be held every weekend, for a month. From the second marathon onward, show the success of a previous marathon, to attract more people. While advertising about the marathon, use the article you've written. People will be more keen on taking part if they know they're contributing to such a great cause.
Donation Campaigns
Dollar and Donation Box
Set up donation boxes at stores, outside other churches, and schools even. Youth groups can go from home to home collecting money. Make multiple boxes and request members to take a few to collect funds. They can put these up at their offices, clubs, etc. Remember, the more donation boxes you set up, the more fundraising you make possible.
Ask the youth group to showcase a play at a local hall. Request the authorities to give you the hall for free or at a minimal price. The article you've written can be a part of your request letter.
Since this play will help raise funds for a church, it can be enacted from the Bible. This makes the idea represent the cause even more, and in a much better way. These plays can also be held in schools and colleges.
Auctions/Garage Sales
Garage Sale
Host an auction stall at the entrance of the church. Put up artifacts collected from acquaintances for sale.
At the same time, print multiple copies of the article you've written and hand it over to all those who come to the church. Let them know why the garage sale has been put up. Also, request people to contribute to the sale the next time they visit. This way you'll have more and more people visiting your stall.
Car Wash
Car wash staff washing cars with high pressure water gun
Form a group of people who are willing to take part in this activity, that will include going to people's homes and washing their cars.
To form the group, you can spread the news via mouth-to-mouth publicity or ask the local newspaper to print a notice. The group will go from door to door asking people if their cars need a wash. A part of the group can visit malls and stores to target a larger number of people.
Artist showing senior audience how to paint
Arrange workshops at a local hall to raise money.
Male Chef teaching four students in the kitchen
These workshops can teach people how to paint, dance, draw, cook, etc.
Group of women at the training
Let people know that if they take part in these workshops, they're contributing to something great. If the workshops seem like they're a hit, they can be held again.
Small-scale Selling
Ask children to make small crafts that can be used in everyday life. These can include envelopes, cups, bookmarks, etc. These can then be sold at local stores, libraries, and markets. Fundraising creatively with these artifacts will ensure more people contribute to the cause, as they're getting something in return for their money.
Social service, you must remember, starts at home. If you believing in helping this cause, start by contributing something yourself.