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A List of Awesome Activities You Can Organize for Fundraising

Aastha Dogra Apr 17, 2019
If you are planning to carry out some creative fundraising activities, you have reached the right place. Here are some innovative ideas.
All nonprofit organizations, church groups, and individuals who work for the uplift of the underprivileged, depend a lot on the money provided by the donors to carry on their charity work. Fundraising, for one, is not easy. That's why, a group has to come up with some new, innovative fundraising activities, every time it thinks of raising money.

Portrait Event

You can collaborate with a local photographer and organize a portrait event to raise money. You can offer family portraits or individual glamor photo shoots at this event.
You will need to find a good accessible venue, with facilities like a changing room, waiting area, etc., to organize such an event. Make sure that you have at least a hundred photo shoot bookings prior to the event, to avoid any losses.

Talent Show

Conduct is a talent show. If there are people in your organization or group who are good at singing or dancing or dramatics, you can organize a talent show and raise money through the sale of the tickets.

Money Jar

Hand paint a few jars and distribute them among your donors, with a request that every time they think of donating, they should put some money in it. After three months, you can collect the jars from them, and the charity money. This works well in church groups.


If there are people in the organization, good at painting, jewelry making, designing bags, hand painting T-shirts, making wall hangings, etc., you can have an exhibition of all handmade items. You can raise money by selling these.


Start your organization's website which gives details of your organization, its motto, how it started, its previous work as well as the 'causes' it supports.
Do not forget to include real life messages of people who have benefited from your social work. Operating and running a website is a good way to solicit online donations.

Drop in Change

Get in touch with the managers of local departmental store, shops, and restaurants in your area. Request them if you can keep donation containers at their cash counters where people pay their bills.
If you get positive response, get some old coffee cans, cover them with a colored paper, put your group's name on it, mention the cause for collecting money. Keep these at the cash counters of various merchant establishments, and collect money for charity through them monthly.

Car Wash Stand

Put up a car wash stand. Washing and cleaning cars for a day will help in raising lots of money for your cause. To earn additional money, you can keep some snacks and juices at the stand, which the car owners can buy and eat while their vehicle is being washed.
Besides the ones mentioned here, other activities that you can consider are:
  • collecting some old items such as books, wall hangings, bags, etc, from volunteers and organizing a garage sales;
  • hosting donation dinner or lunch parties and keeping an entry ticket for the same;
  • organizing a sports event or a 'marathon' to support your cause; and lastly, organizing a 'bake day' where you sell homemade cookies to people on the street through your volunteers.
The dedication, belief in the cause, as well as efforts that you are wiling to put in will determine the amount of success you achieve in raising money.