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Free Fundraising Proposal Template

Free Fundraising Proposal Template

A fundraising proposal is an application for obtaining resources for raising funds. The Buzzle article below will enlighten you about this concept and provide you with a free fundraising proposal template.
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Quick Tips
  • Choose the right type of fundraising proposal based on your need - renovations, disaster relief, or endowments.
  • A letter of inquiry is mandatory to be submitted prior to the proposal.
  • You can include testimonials too, if needed.
The Concept
There are a million people out there, struggling to cope with the troubles that behest them. People face problems everywhere, but in traumatic situations, as fellow human beings, it is only fair that they are morally and financially supported. Fundraising is a procedure by means of which we can collect money for a good cause, like securing money to build an old-age home, or pay the medical expenses for a poor, terminally ill person who cannot afford treatment, or renovate a building for something good, etc. You must have heard of many fundraising fairs and other ideas that are periodically undertaken by non-profit organizations. However, for a large amount, non-profits generally approach big-shot sponsors. At such times, it is prudent to conduct the procedure in a more civilized and formal way, which is why a professional fundraising proposal is outlined. A fundraising proposal template is provided below for your convenience.
  • As previously mentioned, a fundraising proposal needs to have a professional look and feel about it.
  • Every little detail associated with the organization and the fundraiser should be mentioned.
  • The previous accomplishments of your organization can be mentioned too.
  • List down your goals, mission, details of the budget, promotional strategies, needs, etc.
  • This document needs to be carefully evaluated and assessed.
  • Also, see to it that the fundraiser takes place exactly as how it is outlined and scheduled.
Fundraising Proposal Template
You can download this printable fundraising proposal template. You can use it to create a plan of your own, and then incorporate it for your organization.
Fundraising Proposal Format
Cover Page and Table of Contents
  • Create a good cover page, it is the first impression for your proposal.
  • Incorporate the symbol of donations or fundraising, or use the logo of your organization, if need be.
  • You need to include the names of the members here, the ones who helped outline this proposal. Also mention the date and the name of your organization.
  • Your table of contents will form the next part of the document.
  • The format will be very much like that of the ones used in textbooks, journals, and other documents.
  • The purpose of your proposal is mentioned here.
  • You may also need to mention the mission statement of your organization (if any) and the goals.
  • The rough budget and fundraiser schedule will need to be mentioned too; in short, it will be a gist of everything that the document will contain.
  • The introduction will mention your passion and leadership, to begin with.
  • Furthermore, it will mention your organization's background as well as why you need funds from an outside source.
Assessment of Needs
  • This is an important part that needs to be written with caution.
  • In this section, you will mention the amount you need, why you need it (it is already mentioned in the introduction, this part will go into details), and how you plan to use it.
  • The distribution can take place according to what your project is about - and according to the place, method, etc.
  • As the word signifies, you have to mention your objectives here.
  • Why you have chosen this project, why you need so many funds, etc., will be your principal goals.
Description in Detail
  • This is what forms a concise part of your proposal, you have to describe the project at length.
  • The activities, needs, structure, etc., will be elaborated in this section.
  • Discuss the people involved, the people who have benefited from your programs earlier, staff contribution, etc.
  • Discuss how you plan to execute every step.
  • You must have been involved in innumerable fundraisers before as well, so this shouldn't be a tough one.
  • Outline a systematic schedule that describes how your project will be carried out.
  • It should include every detail of the place, time, and method used.
  • All the assigned tasks should be mentioned as per priority.
  • Mention all the details of how much you think is going to be necessary for the project and why.
  • Accordingly, compartmentalize and write down the details.
  • Every work will involve some money and this information should be very accurately mentioned, like office expenses, staff salaries, marketing, etc.
  • Every project involves a few untoward happenings, mention the estimated risks in this project
  • Also, write down how you will overcome those, if and when they occur.
  • Mention your sponsors - who have decided to finance your project.
  • If you have had a long-standing association with them, even better, you can explain the work you have accomplished together.
Marketing Strategies
  • Promote your event in every way possible.
  • Make use of mass media, this depends on how big the project is, and your budget.
  • Write about what your plans are, post the fundraising event.
  • Elaborate on further plans and strategies.
Sample Fundraising Plan
An example of a fundraising proposal is given below. Bear in mind that this is a very rough example, with simple paragraphs and explanations. Your actual document for the project needs to be much more detailed and elaborate. This one is just a gist, for you to understand what needs to be included.
Purpose : To renovate the ancient church in the town center.

The proposal outlines the need to renovate the church along with the funds necessary, which by analysis, amounts to around USD 80,000. The schedule and budget are detailed in the pages to follow.

Background : The 'Work for All' organization has been striving for the past half a decade to bring about a positive change in the world. By means of raising funds for good causes, the organization hopes to create an optimistic approach towards mankind.

Need for Funds : Funds from an external source are necessary due to the fact that the project involves religious sentiment and is common to everybody. An approximate requirement would extend to a five-figure number. The proceeds will be used to renovate the interiors - the chairs, the pew, the walls, etc.

Assessment of Needs
Equal funds will be distributed for flooring, walls, pew upholstering, choir furniture, etc.

Objective : To raise funds for the church renovation project.

Description in Detail
Floor space will need to be extended. The furniture will be replaced completely, including the stained glass, steeple, and carpets. Resources will be available at the regular suppliers. Materials include paint, ropes, wood, glass, etc.

  • Clearing out the unwanted stuff
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Painting the interiors
  • Designing the areas for prayers and choir
  • Refinish the pew
  • Paint the exteriors
Furniture: An estimated USD 40,000
Painting : An estimated USD 20,000
Miscellaneous : An estimated USD 20,000

The fact that it is an outdoor project could pose a risk. The risk analysis suggests that the project may need to be stalled in case of unfavorable weather conditions, or in a situation that the suppliers and other resources are periodically unavailable.

  • International Media Network
  • Roland Manufacturers
Marketing Strategies
  • Regular announcements on the local radio network
  • Weekly campaigns at the community hall
The maintenance crew will be sent for, every week to ensure everything is in place. Surveys will be conducted to check on the benefits of the fundraiser.
Fundraising is something that we must all contribute to. And while requesting a large sponsorship, the professional quotient must be maintained. If you intend to take part in a large-scale fundraiser, do not hesitate to make use of the template provided above, at least as a reference. It will help you as well as the sponsors to decide the course of action.