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Free Bid Sheet Templates to Hold a Silent Auction

Free Bid Sheet Templates to Hold a Silent Auction

A silent auction does not have the impulsive buying and raising of hands that is characteristic to typical auctions. It is usually held for fundraising purposes or at events in a club. Bid sheets play a very important role in having a successful silent auction. In this Buzzle article, we have furnished you with some bid sheet templates for a silent auction.
Neha B Deshpande
"It is only an auctioneer who should admire all schools of art."  ― Oscar Wilde, The Complete Letters of Oscar Wilde

A silent auction is usually synonymous with an auction for the purpose of charity functions and clubs. Unlike a traditional auction, this is a friendly auction wherein the bidder can see the bids of the earlier bidders, and a professional auctioneer is not needed. The raising of hands and quoting of the bid, is done away with, in a silent auction.

In a silent auction, the bidders are given a bid sheet wherein they need to quote their bidding amount. If there are multiple items, the bid sheet is placed on the table with the item. The buyers can take a round and visit all the items and write their names and bidding amounts on the bid sheet. Usually, in a silent auction for charity, donated items are auctioned.

Your bid sheet is the gateway to a successful fundraising event. Your silent auction bid sheet must be appealing to the viewers. In this article, we have provided you with some free bid sheet templates that you can download and edit (if needed) as per your requirements.

Tips for Making a Silent Auction Bid Sheet

Note : Before the bidders start making entries on the bid sheet, make sure that they are made aware of the rules and regulations.

◾ If you're holding a fundraising event for philanthropic purposes, make sure you explain why the event is being held. Explaining why this auction is taking place will help bidders to understand more. Further, equip them with the motto of your organization, and where the money raised is going to be used. This might motivate them to bid higher.

◾ It is very important to incorporate the organization's name and logo in the bidding sheet. Mention other details such as the location, date, time, etc.

◾ You may incorporate some place for the contact details of the bidders, in case it is not possible to collect that information beforehand.

◾ Make sure that you write the bidder's name and the number allocated to him.

Items on the Bid Sheet

◾ If there are too many items, it is suggested that you print different bid sheets for each item.

◾ Descriptions of the items should be clear and concise. Do not confuse the bidder or write incomplete details of the item.

◾ Give item codes and mention them on the bidder's sheet. This helps you to classify and identify the item, especially, if you have similar items.

◾ In case you're selling a holiday package or a restaurant meal, make sure the specifications of the day, date, location, etc., are clear. Do not leave any room for ambiguity so as to avoid misconceptions.

◾ You can give the retail price of the item. It may induce the buyers to bid higher.

◾ Restrictions, if any, should be specifically mentioned on the bid sheets. For example, minimum bid price and the bidding increment should be specifically mentioned on the sheet. The bidders should be made aware of the rules and regulations beforehand.

◾ In case of donated items, be polite and mention the donor's name on the bid sheet, unless of course, if the donor wishes to remain anonymous.

◾ It is a good practice to write a thank you note to the bidders on the bid sheet, especially for a fundraising event.

Silent Auction Bid Sheet Templates
Given below are templates of silent auction bid sheets. Download them and edit them as per your requirements, insert your logo, and include the descriptions of the items in the space provided on the templates. You can increase/decrease the number of rows before printing, or include any additional elements, if you wish to.

Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template 1
Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template 2
Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template 3
Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template 4

In short, bid sheets have to be clear and mention all the restrictions. Make sure that there is enough space for the bidder to write the details. Nowadays, there are many silent auctions held online. In those cases, the printing costs can be saved, and you can hold the auction for a longer period. Decide which option is good for you. Accordingly, you may download the bid sheet templates given above, for direct use or for reference.