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How to Get an Easy Credit Card Approval

Scholasticus K Jun 3, 2019
Credit cards have become a necessity for people since the modernization of digital cash technology. But the process of getting these issued from lenders can prove to be lengthy and frustrating.
Credit cards, issued by the banks, provide people with the ability to use digital cash for their online and offline transactions, they serve as a sort of credit creation facility for its users.
When you swipe your card for payment, the bank bears the cost of transaction that takes place, and at the end of every month, you need to reimburse them with the cost of the transaction and payments that you made for that period.
In addition to the reimbursement, the bank also bills a service charge to the user for this facility. These charges are always a bit more than the current interest rates. There are several methods to get a quick and easy approval on these cards.

Credit History

Credit history is basically a record of all credit-related transactions carried out by an individual in the past. Banks check these records before approving a card. The better the record, the faster is the approval.
Hence, the key to obtain an easy and fast approval is maintaining a good credit history. In addition to this, you also need to provide your proof of income or the projection of income, if you are self-employed.

Secured Cards

An alternative for an easy approval with adverse credit is a secured card. This is a process where you pledge an asset with the bank to get a card approved. This type of credit creation is accepted and favored by most banks, because their losses are secured in case the borrower defaults on payment.
This facility is also very helpful to the applicant, as the spending limit of such cards is much higher than the normal ones. A drawback of this facility, however, is that, in case of late or missed payment, the borrower is fined heavily.

Extra Service Charge

Some banks also undertake the risk of easy approval, even if the applicant has a bad credit history and the loan is not secure. However, in such cases, the service charges levied on the borrower's account are pretty high.
Finally, one needs to approach different banks and take note of the plans that they offer, in order to get the best deal. Also, read the terms of the agreement carefully before signing for a card.