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Debt Dispute Letter

Debt Dispute Letter

A debt dispute letter is an important tool to dispute any unwanted claims. Read on to know more about it...
Rahul Pandita
If you have never borrowed money and yet receive a letter from an agency which claims that you owe them money, what would you do? Or suppose that you owe money to a company ABC and an agency XYZ calls in and demands money from you, would you simply hand over the money. Before you think about the possible courses of action, let me tell you that under federal laws you can dispute a debt by sending the concerned agency a debt dispute letter. This letter will ensure that you are not harassed through phone calls and e-mails, etc. It will also help you to ascertain the identity of the debt collector and ensure that you are not being mistaken for someone else. While writing a dispute letter, you can use Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Section 809(b) as a reference.

While writing a debt dispute letter it is important to mention the account number for which you are sending the dispute letter. Also, do enclose a copy of the credit report or the debt letter that was being sent to you by the debt collectors. Make sure that you provide your current address so that the debt agency can get in touch with you.

Debt Dispute Letter : A Sample


Collector Agent's Name

Address of the collecting agency

Mail Receipt No.

Account No.


This is in response to your letter dated_________________or phone call on___________ regarding the non-payment of dues.

I do not believe that I owe you, therefore I dispute this debt as per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and my state laws. I would request you to provide me the following information to validate your claims of debt.

A proof that you are licensed to collect debt in _________________(your state).
A verification copy of any judgment.
Name of the creditor on whose behalf you are collecting the debt.

I have disputed this debt, so until you validate your claim, I would request you to stop contacting me. If you or any of your debt collecting agents try to contact me, I will treat it as a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and will immediately report to my State Attorney General, to the Federal Trade Commission.


Disputing a debt by means of a dispute letter is one of the best ways to protest against an illegitimate claim. I hope this information would prove to be useful to you if you are being harassed by debt collection agents. It is important that you do not succumb to any persuasions and use your rights as a citizen.