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Debt Consolidation Loans Without Owning a Home

Rahul Thadani Jan 2, 2019
If a borrower faces a long list of debts to be repaid, the best solution will be to consolidate these loans. Acquiring a debt consolidation loan, when you don't really own a house, is a task easier than it may seem.
In order to meet a growing list of requirements in today's credit heavy world, one may have procured a personal or consumer loan for a variety of reasons. A new car, a new apartment, household repairs, credit card debts, or medical needs are some of the most common elements that drive a person towards approaching a bank for a personal loan.
There may come a certain point, when a person is paying interest on a number of them at the same time. In such circumstances, it is advisable for the individual to consolidate all his debts. By doing so, the borrower receives certain benefits that will be impossible to achieve, if he continued to repay all his debts individually.

What is Debt Consolidation?

It is the procedure that enables an individual to group all his secured and unsecured debts together, and simultaneously, repay them using a loan, that has lower monthly installments and a longer repayment period, in comparison to his older debts.
This reduces the financial burden on the individual, and also presents him with a longer period of time for repayment. Such type of personal loans can be of two types: secured and unsecured.
The secured one needs an asset like a home, a car, or any such property as collateral. An unsecured or a bad credit personal signature loan is provided to the individual keeping in mind, his previous credit history and credit score, and his relation with lender. There is no collateral involved and is suitable for people unable to provide any such assets.
If an individual has decided to avail debt consolidation, and does not own an asset that can be used as collateral, he will be forced to procure an unsecured personal loan. It may seem like a very complicated procedure, but availing such loans without owning a home, or any other asset is a fairly simple task.

Procuring One

The person will need to profile the debt management companies present over Internet. These agencies are very adept at providing credit counseling, and offer a multitude of other credit services and debt assistance. Major financial companies power these agencies, as they work in their favor to ensure that borrowers have more options available for repayment.
These agencies then contact individual borrowers and aid them in formulating the best plans to manage the borrowers' debts. They recommend suitable programs and lay out a financial plan, providing details of how much money can be saved by availing the loans.
If the borrower finds a suitable plan that matches the amount he will be comfortable paying as monthly installments, he notifies the agency, and they then undertake the task of contacting the individual creditors.
Creditors are informed that you have signed for a particular plan, and the details of the program are laid for them. Once they are aware of this, they will combine any of the borrower's current or late bills and generate a lower rate of interest. Also, they will not contact the borrower on his home or work number, and will directly deal with the agency.
Consolidating all your debts provides you with an opportunity to not just pay lower monthly installments but also to learn how to curb your spending habits and curtail unnecessary expenditure.
There are numerous companies that can help you out in this condition; so, you need to carry out a detailed study of all your options, and then choose the most feasible one. It is advisable that you choose a company that is reputable; possibly the one that someone you know has dealt with before.