Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Features

Omkar Phatak Jan 6, 2019
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Of the many options offered, comprehensive general liability insurance, isn't that well understood. Here, we cover the finer points and its prime features.
Insurance is a financial instrument that is built to protect us from all kinds of risks that arise in life. It is a bulwark, built against unforeseen damages that may arise in the future. To cater to the multifarious needs of individuals and businesses, insurance companies have come up with many types of packages, that deal with different types of risks.

Prime Features

A liability may be a legal responsibility or obligation. It may also be defined as an obligation to pay monetary compensation to some party because of any kind of damages inflicted upon them.
Thus, comprehensive general liability insurance coverage was first created to cover the liabilities that arise through business of any kind, due to indirect or direct damages inflicted on people, by the business.
It is a kind of business insurance, that doesn't cover property or any other material asset, but covers the possible damages that the business could be liable to pay for. It is the protection that a small business owner needs against lawsuits, that may arise due to any kind of personal or physical injury, inflicted by his business.
Any kind of business that comes in contact with a large number of people on its business premises, like a superstore, needs this type of insurance. It is a blanket cover against most legal liabilities that a business could face or be sued for. In USA, where lawsuits are filed at the drop of a feather, one cannot risk having no insurance.

What Does it Cover?

One of the major issues of confusion, regarding comprehensive commercial general liability insurance, is the area of coverage offered. There are two main types of liabilities covered by it. They are physical or personal injury, in the form of defamation or slander, caused indirectly by any business activity or due to negligence.
Although, it may not cover damages to the business property, it may cover damages inflicted by the business on any other property. Other than this, every kind of legal issue, including copyright infringement may also be covered. There are a lot of intangible and tangible factors covered under this. The coverage details will vary according to the business.


How much does it cost? Well, that is entirely dependent on the range of coverage offered. With each kind of liability included, the rates will go higher. Small business liability insurance premiums will cost substantially lesser than those for big setups.
There are a lot of factors, which affect the final quotes. A premium that costs less, may not be enough to cover most liabilities, arising from a business. While choosing the coverage details, one must think about the range of risks that the business faces. Check out the range of policies offered by insurance companies, before deciding.
Due to the comprehensive nature of the policy, the premium tends to be quite costly, compared to other types of insurance. Considering the big lawsuits that a business can be vulnerable to, depending on the nature of work, it is a cover worth considering.
In fact, for most businesses, this kind of policy is a must. Especially, in a situation where personal or physical injury is always a risk. Taking a large premium is a risk but then having no insurance is a bigger one.
Ask for quotes from multiple companies and choose one which offers a policy that is best for your business. Don't forget to read the details provided in fine print.