How to Order Cheap Checks with Free Shipping?

How to Order Cheap Checks with Free Shipping?

It is true that one can avail of personal checks with free shipping online, instead of ordering directly from the bank. Read the following article to understand how this method can prove to be more beneficial comparatively.
WealthHow Staff
Isn't it ironic that we try and save money on a thing that is used by us to pay off our expenses? Confusing? Well, let me make it a bit more lucid. A majority of people must be using checks for paying off the umpteen expenses we encounter in our daily lives. Sometimes, though, we have to, or rather we need to save money on them, as well. This means that after you open an account in a bank, the first time you get the check book, it is not too expensive. But, as you finish the first set of checks, the consecutive orders start creating a bigger dent in your pockets. At that time, perhaps, the paying off for a service might cost you less than the one you use to pay it off. On a serious note, however, in such a situation, free shipping of cheap checks can be an option.

Ordering Directly from the Bank

To begin with, all those who are expert in this field opine that inexpensive checks are almost non-existent in this case. There are a few justifications for this. You do not get a choice as far as design is concerned, and you do not have any options to compare. In addition, the bank can take more time than it will if you consider the online option. Eventually, you would be mind boggled to find out that after the first box, the next one can even cost four times as much. What are the options then? Well, you can order cheap ones online with free shipping and handling. Here is how you would be able to do that through Internet banking.

Ordering Online

Before we understand this process, an overview on why they are the best bet, if you don't want to get ripped off, is necessary. To begin with, they are anytime cheaper than ordering from the financial institution. They take less time and what's more is that you get a host of options: designer or style checks, along with free shipping. Yes, from your favorite Disney character to a film character, you have an array of designs to choose from, in case you are tired of seeing the same run-of-the-mill ones. Obviously, these will cost more than those that are simpler. In addition, there is the issue of expiry, which has to be kept in mind while ordering them online, apart from the below-mentioned aspects:
  • If you order them in an emergency, they would surely cost more, as they would be rushed to you, instead of the normal time it takes. Hence, keep enough leeway between the time when your checks would get over and you need a fresh bunch.
  • You need to know the bank account's routing number and your personal account number.
  • For some sites, there are free standard shipping checks, while some need you to give its coupon code.
  • Keep tabs on whether your favorite online supplier runs promotions, and take advantage of the special offers and deals.
  • As mentioned earlier, generic and simple ones would cost less than the artistic ones.
  • Ensure that you have a secure Internet network, the online printer, and the facility you are ordering from is perfectly safe to do this. This is where security issues for online payment services crop up.
  • It is not just the money, but your bank account and credit/debit card number and other details are at stake, as well. So, buy them from a credible source.
  • Search for as many coupons as possible to get the best deal.
At the end of the day, ordering checks in this manner is always good for your pocket, because when you do it online, you only require the printer for this work. On the other hand, when it is through your bank, they will charge a fee to take the order and complete it.

It takes a few weeks till you get them, so make sure that you have ample time before you run out of checks and get a new box. A bit of planning and research will surely help.