Charity Fundraising Event Ideas

Promote a Good Cause With These Charity Fundraising Event Ideas

Are you looking for innovative charity fundraising event ideas? Read the following article to find out some that will help you to raise the funds for a good cause.
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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
Charity is making generous donations for the betterment of poor people, ill people, street children; helping the people out of a destructive natural hazard; and for the helpless people. This good deed cannot be done by a single person or by a single group of people. This great cause requires donations from a lot of people. So, how do you get all the donors under one roof? You can do so by hosting charity fundraising. There are many ways to hold this event.
This involves a lot of planning of different aspects. Aspects such as expenses, theme, invitations, publicity, committee appointment, etc., all need to be planned in advance to avoid confusion later. If all this planning is in place, your good cause will not only fetch you the donations you need, but will also give you immense satisfaction after the function. The first thing to consider, though, is the way to hold this charity event. Mentioned below are some ideas for your benefit.
Scratch Cards
Get some custom-made scratch cards made in different themes. Give each donor a card to scratch, which will reveal the amount of money that they will have to donate. These amounts will not be high, so the donor should not have a problem giving it. You can arrange for some coupons to go with the cards, so that the supporters are more than happy to donate the money. This idea can also be implemented at the workplace to collect quick money.
Candy Bars
Yes. People will donate for candy bars. How? Set up your table in a fair. Explain the cause of your fundraising and ask them for donation. Every donation will earn them some candies. This can be a creative way to raise money for charity. Candy bars are less expensive, and the people will naturally donate more than the cost of the candy bar. You can think of giving something else, instead of candy bars, as well.
Garage Sale
Not a new concept, but still these are one of the quick fundraising ideas. Many times, your trash becomes someone else's treasure. Get together with your friends and have a big garage sale. You can sell items of clothing, antiques, signed baseball bats and balls, old picture frames, etc. It is an age-old successful way to raise money.
Book Sale
Many of us have loads of books that we collected right from our childhood. Our children have outgrown them, and we certainly cannot read them anymore. Hold a book sale, and it will be a success because people will pay a lot to get the first editions or old editions or some rare books. Book collectors may even pay you more than you think. This will ensure a successful fundraising event. After all, it is said that charity begins at home. Let the others enjoy your books (which are lying in your attic) and let the helpless benefit from them, too.
Baby Items
When you were expecting your first child, there were so many things that you bought for the baby; numerous toys, books, clothes, accessories, crib, blankets, bags, and much more. As the baby grows, he/she outgrows all these things, too. The clothes that no longer fit but are not torn, the toys that are not broken, the crib that you have kept in your storage, and such other items can be sold off, and the money can be collected for the unfortunate. You can think of selling any other stuff too, and make a creative idea on your own.
You could host a fashion show, a beauty pageant, a dog show, or a talent show. Take your pick and organize one that you feel will get maximum attention and public. Charge a modest entry fee, and when the people come to the event, you could ask them for further donations. These activities are very popular fundraising ideas, and this increases their success rate.
Get together your friends who have different talents. Organize a funfair in which you and your friends can set up stalls for the people to enjoy. Ask them to donate money, and they will be generous. You could also charge a small entry fee. The icing on the cake would be when you and your friends donate all the money that you have earned from your stalls. This is one of those ideas, which can be very successful.
Other than the above, you can also have auctions, sports events, group brunches, lunches or dinners, musical concerts, etc., to help in your social work. Conducting such activities during the holiday and festival season is considered among the successful ones because people are certainly in a good mood, and they share willingly. Remember that whichever event you plan, people will donate for a good cause. So, stop worrying and start with your preparations.
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