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Building the Best Work-Life Balance in Pro Crypto Trading

Julia Beyers Sep 3, 2019
Most adults in different professions have had to make the difficult decision of choosing between their career and personal life. It is a decision that everyone faces sooner or later, regardless of whether you are a business owner, an employed professional, a sole trader or a freelancer. It could be a demanding assignment that robs you of your time.
Alternatively, it could involve making a work-related decision which has ripple effects on your health, family, social life or personal finances.
Even cryptocurrency traders find themselves struggling with this very enigma. Striking the perfect balance between professional trading and your personal life is key to performance. Lean too much on your trading life, and your life suffers neglect and vice versa.
Are you struggling with this very problem? Worry not. Today, the Superorder team reveals how to deal with the issue. Caring about the traders’ wellbeing and creating the crypto terminal that facilitates trading, the company also helps pro traders.

Today, we help you look for the equilibrium between your personal life and trading life.

How Professional Trading Can Interfere with Your Personal Life

Professionals spend time and resources acquiring knowledge and perfecting their skills through experience in their field. Cryptocurrency trading is a venture that requires the same level of dedication to succeed.
Professional traders spend days and nights studying and analyzing the crypto market. They then have to create a trading portfolio, compare market buy and sell prices, arbitrages, analyze charts, make trades and adjust their portfolio accordingly.
The crypto market is volatile. Market prices rise and fall in a matter of minutes, which in turn affects other aspects of the trade such as arbitrages between the values of different cryptocurrencies.
Traders have to be keen not to miss a profitable trading opportunity. Moreover, traders tracking two or more trading systems have an even bigger nightmare to deal with.
The thrill of trading, the reward of making profits or the hope of offsetting a previous loss, keep professional traders hooked to their phones and screen monitors for hours. Some even sacrifice dinner with family or important commitments so as not to miss a trading opportunity.

The Importance of Work-Life Balance

It Is All About Balance. The very core of human life rests on a delicate balance between the mind, the body, and the soul. The mind is interested in career advancement, financial stability, and creativity. For the mind to achieve this, it needs a healthy body. Fatigue, sickness, and injury of the body affect the performance of the mind.
Likewise, the body and mind need the soul. The soul is made whole by love, family, relationships, and spirituality. Positive interactions with the soul feed the mind and nourish your physical wellbeing.

Mental Wellness

The crypto market is highly volatile. Even the very best traders encounter losses once in a while. Traders need strong mental health in order to accept losses, control their emotions and refrain from making impulsive trades. Family, healthy relationships and physical exercises help in improving the stability of one’s mental state.

Better Stress Management

The anxiety of timing the best moment to place a trade can cause stress. So can missing your targeted profit margin or making great losses. Stress interferes with the ability of the mind to trade efficiently. Balancing work with life through activities such as running, going to the gym or playing sport helps to better manage stress.

Tips to Striking Equilibrium Between Your Work and Life

Find your trading niche Trading is a game of strategy.

Finding your niche helps to manage stress and create time to attend to family, friends or recreational activities. There are five trading niches that professional traders can choose from;
Day trading: It is an active, yet less dynamic form of trading. It involves making and closing new deals each day without carrying forward a deal to the next day.

Swing trading: Swing deals are done in intervals, either minutes or hours. A trader focuses on local peaks and pits and only places Take Profit or Stop Loss orders at specific times.
Scalping: It is a time and resource-consuming niche involving open and close order deals that change within seconds.

Trend trading: Traders analyze ongoing trends and make deals based on that. It resembles swing trading but on a larger scale.

HODling: This niche involves buying coins and waiting to sell them when prices grow.


Having a clear understanding of your target and objective aids in dedicating time to your work and sparing some for personal life. Prioritization depends on the trader’s personality. One trader will want free time to relax or spend it with family while another will want to trade for longer, given that it is their sole source of income.

Know When to Stop Trading is like gambling.

The thrill of making profits can get as addictive as winning a bet. Just like responsible gambling, traders need to know when to push and when to cease trading. They need to have limits with regards to the number of deals, wins, and losses with your trade.
It is an effective risk management strategy that can be automated through the use of API trading terminals. For instance, you can set your Stop Loss parameters which instruct the terminal to cease all trade once you lose to a certain point.

Take Control

Crypto trading can invade your time. For instance, if your trading peak is around the same time you have your family dinner, you could be tempted to check your phone or charts every 5 minutes.
More so, making a loss could push you to trade beyond your usual hours in a bid to cover that loss. Setting boundaries helps maintain a healthy work-life balance. Here are a few suggestions on how to do that.
- Dedicate time to physical exercises.
- Avoid distraction by focusing on work during trading hours and family during free hours.
- Find enough time to sleep.
- Organize your work in such a way that you have ready data at all times.
- Use the dead time to read books or news.

Let Superorder Help with Your Work-Life Balance

If you are worried about missing out on trading opportunities as you focus on other things, Superorder has it covered for you. Superorder uses your custom strategies to automatically trade on your behalf. It gives traders the best of both worlds as the system trades for them as they take time to meet friends or sleep.