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Best Places to Retire in 2018

Best Places to Retire in 2018
While some may want to retire outside their home country, some don't. In any case, here are 10 best places to retire in 2018. They span all the way from Ecuador to New Zealand. Some prefer the beaches, while some prefer the mountains. Some like the warm, some wish for the cold, while some like to hit the road and go through all the seasons. This year, what will you zero in on?
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Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
For your whole life you went to work, returned home; buried under responsibilities and duties there was seldom a sigh of relief. You probably relocated a number of times, running after a better position or a better paycheck. Now, you can finally retire from all that running and do what you want, even if it means changing your state/country. And if you have always wanted to retire outside your home country, here are 10 options for the year 2018. The following ranking has been compiled by the author after taking into account how all these cities performed on parameters such as the quality of life they have to offer, the taxes, infrastructure, public transport, public safety, general health care, temperature, crime statistics, etc.
Athens, Georgia
Featured in the Forbes list of ' Best Places to Retire In', Athens has drawn a lot of attention since last year. The climate is mellow on the senior citizens though it has a nip in the winter. The university of Athens offers variety of senior citizen courses where you can start working on your passion, if you wish to. The median home price is USD 189,000. Overall, Athens gives you the chance to live your dreams.
The cheapest places to live in Europe are the cities of Portugal. The Algarve, Portugal's southernmost region, has its own benefits among them. It's a place where you can relish in the rich historical background and 100 miles of coastline with a living cost of around USD 2000 per month for a couple. One of the most relieving things about Algarve is that English is widely spoken there and it has always welcomed the retirees from U.S and other European countries.
Nicaragua has changed a lot in last couple of years all to the benefits of the retirees. The three most talked of cities Granada, Leon and San Juan del Sur offer affordable living. The average rent per month for a couple is USD 1500. It is considered on of the oldest places in the Americas, with a rich historical background. It is a beautiful amalgamation of history and modernity with painting and flat TVs selling on the same street.
Spain has always been the popular choice of the retirees from U.S. The stunning architecture and history is alluring for the young and the old. It's a different world all by itself where you can travel around and live in different places in different times of the year. The living expense is around USD 2200 a month for a couple. It is a place which has embraced the modern technology with as much grace as it had embraced the fascinating architecture.
Costa Rica
This country has been hosting the retirees for decades now. The beaches, pleasant environment, and the openness of the country towards retirees is remarkable. The median home prices ranges from USD 200,000 to USD 375,000. A fellow expat can find himself a decent expat community so that he wont feel disconnected. The weather is kind and the physicians per capita is decent. Atenas is considered by National Geographic as the city with the most perfect temperature in the world.
More than a million Americans live in Mexico which makes it one of the best places for an American expat. A place with abundances of fine diners, pristine beaches, and a warm friendly climate. The good thing about Mexico is that it is close to America so you never feel that you are far away from your country. The living expenses is varied with rents as low as USD 1200. And last but not the least there are enough English speaking folks around so you could comfortably waltz your way in.
Ecuador has ruled the charts of 'top places to retire in' for a while now. Should you find yourself in this country then the city of Cuenca is what you should be looking forward to. The profound architecture and culture that has been preserved due to the fact that the city of Cuenca was disconnected from the rest of the country for more than 400 years. For a modest living the monthly expense would not go beyond USD 1700. The scenic beauty and heritage makes it a perfect place to retire.
Four UNESCO world heritage sites, a multicultural society, world class cuisine … and wait that's just half of it. A myriad shopping destinations, warm and friendly atmosphere and affordable living is what Malaysia is all about. The country has been a holiday destination for people around the globe and wont it be exciting to spend the rest of your life on perpetual holiday. With just USD 1700 per month can get you a sea view condo to relish in the beauty of this great nation.
The spiritual leader for the world, India has it all. Scenic beauty, profound architecture, metropolitan cities and countless tourist destinations. The other good thing about it, is the affordability it offers to Americans. A place where you can buy a week's supply in just USD 15 is truly a dream come true for an expat. Goa is one of the states which is preferred by the expats. It has got a Portuguese influence which is apparent in its architecture and festivals.
The south has always been the best direction to head for a retirement. Panama due to it's five highly adored expat cities has climbed the charts of 'best places to retire in' everywhere. It offers a village and also the metropolitan life, based on one's preference. The locals speak English and are very accepting of the expats. The median home prices in Panama is currently around USD 230,000. If overseas retirement is something you are looking for then you cannot afford to miss out on Panama.
Having looked at these best places to retire in 2018, you must have come across some surprising facts. Relocating to any city, and specially to a new country, must be done after a lot of thought. Consult as many people as you can from these places, as only they can give you hands-on experience of 'actually' living in that place. Wish you a happy journey ahead!
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