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Best Places to Live

Best Places to Live

Want a lowdown on some of the best places to live? Here's a quick guide briefing you on places that you and your family would enjoy making a living in.
Rajib Singha
While deciding for the best place to live, there are so many factors which come into play. The chosen place must include homes at reasonable and affordable rates, good educational institutions, industries for employment, prompt health care institutions, low taxes and needless to say, low or zero crime rate. And, if there are some good outdoors, then that's a plus!
World's Top 5 Places to Live
Vienna, Austria
As of 2011, Vienna has been rated as the world's best city to live in. This city stands out of the ordinary because of the quality of life it offers to its settlers and visitors. With superior infrastructure, pedestrian-friendly streets, a reliable and high-class health care service, and general facilities, Vienna is swarmed by five million tourists a year.

Being the largest city of Austria, Vienna is inhabited by about 1.723 million people. A major chunk of the population comprises expatriates and international residents. The city is the country's cultural, economic, and political hub. Vienna is a heaven for those who have a taste for theater, opera, classical music and fine arts. Elements such as these are the mainstay of the rich culture and history of this place. The summer here is mild, and during the winter, most days are windy and rainy.
Zurich, Switzerland
Switzerland scores low in water pollution, and high in water quality, forestry, and habitat. And the most desirable place to live in this country is none other than its largest city, Zurich. This place is known to be a vital asset of the economy of Switzerland. The city flaunts its many lakeside destinations, and is jeweled with chains of hills running from north to south.

One of the main factors behind Zurich being a favorable choice for several international businesses to set up their headquarters is its low business tax rates. Having said that, Zurich offers plenty of employment opportunities to its inhabitants. However, the economic strength of the city must not serve as a distraction from its rich and much talked about cultural and artistic activities. From galleries of artistic excellence, theaters and museums showcasing the city's rich history, to great outdoor parks for family and couples to enjoy, Zurich has always more to offer.
Auckland, New Zealand
When we are speaking of some of the world's best places to live, it is imperative that we make a mention of New Zealand. And in this country, it would be Auckland where you would love to settle down. This city is the largest of all in the country, and is also rated as one of the safest cities in the Asia region. With several extinct volcanic regions, numerous islands, amazing food and wine, great shopping centers, and bustling nightlife, the city has plenty to offer to both its residents and visitors.

Summers in Auckland are warm and humid, while winters are mild and damp. Furthermore, the city is popular for its high employment rate, and high salaried jobs. If you are someone who is into rugby or cricket, then you would appreciate the open park spaces in and around the city. And if you think sailing or yachting is your cup of tea, then know that Auckland is also known as "the city of sails".
Vancouver, Canada
With a well-planned and developed infrastructure, reliable health care system, great educational institutions, and attractive tourism spots, Vancouver easily makes it among the top livable places in the world. One of the key strengths of this coastal seaport city is its wide cultural diversity. You would find here a subtle blend of cultural background from England, Hong Kong, and several South Asian nations.

It is worth mentioning that Vancouver has done immensely well in its ecological aspect too. It boasts having the smallest carbon footprint in comparison to any North American city, and it is also the greenest city in North America. And this is not all, the government of Vancouver intends to make it the greenest of all the cities in the world by 2020.
Geneva, Switzerland
Claiming to have the third-highest quality of life of any city in the world, Geneva is also one of the top livable places on earth. Given its strict air pollution rules and regulations, and other environmental measures taken by its inhabitants, it is one of the greenest cities in Europe. The city is adorned with some of the most awe-inspiring lakes in the world, stunning architectural works, and about 20 percent of it is covered in green areas.

Geneva plays a major role as a center of international diplomacy for the economy of Switzerland. Apart from having a heavy concentration of financial institutions, this politically and economically stable city is home to numerous international organizations; the most notable being the headquarters of the UN (United Nation), the Red Cross and the World Trade Organization.
Most Livable Places in the United States
The list follows no particular order...
St. Augustine, FL
When it comes to the best place to live in the state of Florida, one place we simply can't exclude is St. Augustine. The natives are still full of praises for the charm and history of the nation's oldest city, and this is also the reason it attracts a huge number of visitors every year. If you are making up your mind for setting up a shop or business here, then you might as well get a home above your shop, which many homeowners did for more than three centuries ago. The Northrup-Grumman's aircraft service facility, the headquarters for the Florida East Coast Railway and the Florida National Guard provide good employment opportunities for those who are thinking about relocating to this beautiful state of the United States.
Oviedo, FL
Apart from exceptional educational institutes and numerous recreational amenities, Oviedo also provides ample opportunities for employment, great scope for shopping and entertainment. Residing in this place will keep you just minutes away from colleges, universities and international airports. Also, you can enjoy trips to the beaches, Kennedy Space Center, Disney World and SeaWorld. And if all such features fail to attract you, then the city's lush, sub-tropical dense trees dotted with hammocks, freshwater lakes and ponds surely will.
Middleton, WI
With plenty of restaurants, shops, boutiques, small businesses, and attractions, Middleton is among the choicest of places for most homeowners. This city in Wisconsin has a population of about 16,595 as of the census in 2006. PPD (pharmaceutical company), Electronic Theater Controls, and the Chambers of Commerce are known to be the major employers here. The Greenway Station, and the Middleton Hills are some newer developments in the city. The cost of living here is about 6.80% less than the rest of the country. You can spend your weekends at the Capital Brewery, Middleton Farmers' Market, Performing Arts Center, Whittlesey House, etc.
San Diego, CA
If you consider factors like good job opportunities, unending entertainment, awesome nightlife, and housing ranging from luxury apartments to modest homes, then nothing would suit you better than San Diego, CA. Apart from the above ones, this place offers great educational institutions and world renowned locations, for you to set up business or work, and to live with an unsurpassed quality of life.
Santa Cruz, CA
If you are looking forward to a home with
the perfect setting, or for seaside fun, then Santa Cruz is the place for you. The downtown area of the city is lined with pedestrian-friendly streets dotted with trees, vibrant shops and galleries. Also, art galleries, museums, festivals, and outdoor theater performances comprise the entertainment culture of Santa Cruz. Employment opportunities encompass agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, food processing, and high-tech firms.
Sioux Falls, SD
Being the largest city of South Dakota, Sioux Falls is also one of the nation's fastest growing cities as of 2011. In a span of about 10 years, the city saw the construction of 16,000 housing units. That's worth $3.9 billion. Unlike earlier times, the city has now become an important hub for financial services, and a significant health care center, and retail trade. Sioux Falls is relatively far from larger cities, and this aspect has worked in its favor to make it an important regional center of shopping and dining. Not to forget, the city is also known for its welcoming nightlife, galleries, theaters, museums, and restaurants. Folks who stay here also admire the extensively planned park system.
Austin, TX
Another popular spot on Earth which has to be mentioned in this piece is Austin. Its rich culture, strong political hold and creative core, are all reasons you should buy yourself a home out here. The city is an amalgam of high tech corporations, the renowned University of Texas, great platform for music aspirants, homes at humble costs, and promising health care centers.
Keller, TX
Yet another city of Texas rightfully included in this list is Keller. A northern suburb, Keller has an unemployment rate which is as low as 5.8%, and a job growth of 72.27% (2000 - 2010). This city welcomes its visitors and settlers with neat and good-looking parks, excellent school districts, variety of housing, and low crime rate. A new town hall has been a recent addition to this city, and the median family income per year here is $100,901. Given that, the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey has honored the city as one of the richest cities in the United States. Fun-filled attractions of this place include the Johnson Road Park, Tornado Terry's, Keller Town Center, Serenity Salon, etc.
Dallas, TX
This city boasts itself as the largest wholesale market in the world, and it has been experiencing sustained economic development and growth, unlike other cities which were hit by the economic downturn. Employment is an assurance with the city's high-tech companies, corporate headquarters and wholesale trade markets. The place is a diversity of people with many cultures, religions and lifestyles. Arts, music, food, places of worship, and historic landmarks are also a vital part of the existence of Dallas.
Raleigh, NC
The City of Oaks welcomes you as one of the most livable cities, where you can enjoy working, playing, studying, and have a great living experience. The city is home to some of the major employers in the world, and its diversified economy has been able to take it through the economic downturn, which withered many other cities. Also, your kids can receive the finest of education in the Wake County Public School, and many other top class institutions. What's worth mentioning about the education finesse of this state is about 300 of its teachers who were honored with certification from the National Board of Professional Standards.
The list of the best places to live could never be complete or a perfect one, as there is always a chance of omitting some which are equally worth knowing about and researching on. However, it cannot be denied that describing all these places in black and white is not possible. The places which I have mentioned here are counted among the best. But again, no matter what a place seems to offer, your ultimate choice is driven by your standard of living, expectations, requirement, culture, and financial background to name a few. Knowing about the history of a place also gives you vital clues about how favorable would it be to your livelihood. Furthermore, considering the fluctuating economy of the country and rest of the world, being updated about the current happenings is equally important.