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Best States to Retire

Best States to Retire

Once people reach 50 to 60 years of age, they start looking for a place to retire, where they can peacefully spend the rest of their lives. But is there any place which is perfect for retirees? Every place has its positives and negatives and one should consider all the factors before making a final decision.
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Come 60, an old man starts looking forward to some peace and quiet in his remaining life, which he can spend with his wife and family. Fact is, there are always going to be some or the other pros and cons of every destination that you choose. So, what should you be exactly looking for? The best place to retire is the one that an individual finds really convenient.

What to Look for?

The first thing that you must look for in any state is the medical facilities that are provided, as well as the availability of good and well equipped hospitals and emergency services. Next, as a part of the medical emergency protocol, ensure that the place has either a good airport or a railway station, through which you can directly go to the place, where your child lives or to the place where advanced and intensive medical facilities are available. The next aspect is that of services and public amenities. Such facilities include public transport, libraries, water and electricity supply, roads, and overall a good environment to live conveniently and comfortably. Apart from that, you will also need to confirm the levels of pollution, industrial density, crime rate, legal and public protection systems, etc.

Most importantly, consider the costs and find the states that are best from a financial perspective. This will include the costs of aforementioned facilities, mortgage rates, pension provisos, state taxes, electricity, fuel, and water prices. You should take your time, say a few months, to reach the conclusion. You may also check retirement homes, communities, and such other destinations. The brilliant thing about these places is that, all the oldies can become young again in the company of all the people and friends from their generation.

The States

Here is a list of different states suitable for retirement.
  • Tennessee: If you enjoy some country climate and environment, there is no other place like Tennessee. The medical services and public amenities are fairly good and climate is nice for all seasons, i.e., there are no extremes. The land rates, average cost of living, and all such other costs that you will incur are below average as compared to other states. It has a very low tax burden, and the only drawback is that the interests and dividends are taxed 6%.
  • Oregon: The next one is Oregon, a beautiful state and if you enjoy greenery, this is for you. The climate is cool and humid and does not fluctuate very much during the year. The tax on income is 11% after a $250,000 income. Security, pension, and other benefits are also not taxed. Income and expenditure for household is between average and below average in comparison to other states.
  • Georgia: It has one of the lowest price levels in the US and also has several retirement communities. Plus you have very nice and mild climate, where summers are a bit hot. On the tax and expense levels, Georgia is rated to be below average and hence, is always considered to be one of the best states to retire. The state tax, however, is quite high, about 6% after $7,000.
  • Kentucky: Another favorite, the state of Kentucky has nice climate and is rather quiet. It has low costs of living and the real estate prices are also affordable, as compared to the remaining states.
  • Delaware: The merits are low tax and a tropical climate. The drawback is that the cost of living is a bit higher as compared to other states. Some state taxes are also below average and some incomes from benefits and pensions are not taxed.