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Breathtakingly Best Places to Live in the World for Young People

Best Places to Live in the World for Young People
If you're young and looking for places the world over, this list of best places to live in the world for young people would surely surprise you. From the east to the west, these are 5 cities that would tempt you to make them your home. Read on, to know more about them in the article below!
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
When you have to suggest places for the young to live in, it gets a tad difficult. Do you know why? Because the young get bored very soon and their tolerance of the same boring life would end sooner than anybody else. When we talk about the best places in the world for young people, we have to understand that these places need to have so much life in them that the young would never get bored of their lifestyle here. Mentioned below are a few places that are also considered by many as the most beautiful places to live in the world and thus, the best too. Again, when you talk about the best places in the world, you have to make sure you cover most of the continents, if not the countries. So, here are some of the best places to live in the world for young people accompanied by reasons as to why they're considered the best.
Some of the Best Places to Live for Young People
Melbourne, Australia
One of the best places to live in the world for young people is undoubtedly Melbourne, one of the largest cities in Australia. Melbourne is the city of festivals, cultures coming together, film and art. UNESCO has named this city as the City of Literature, second only to Edinburgh, and The Economist says it's one of the most livable cities in the world today. The beaches in the south-eastern suburbs are an amazing sight and so are the gardens and parks, which are well spread throughout the city and few of the most planned ones. Another interesting fact is that this city has the largest tram network in the world.
Salvador, Brazil
Live anywhere in Brazil and your life becomes a party! Brazil, the country of carnivals, beaches and mystic cultures, attracts youth from the world over. Salvador, Brazil's capital of happiness is a great place for young people to live in. It hosts the Carnaval of Salva, which is the biggest and best global street party. The mesmerizing view of the Salvador skyline shows us the perfect balance between fun and work maintained in this city. There are 21st century buildings and apartments that reflect the progress made and also numerous shacks along beaches that show us relaxation isn't far. The nightlife here is alive with numerous clubs and bars for the young.
Seattle, Washington
Seattle is a city the young would absolutely love, for it's one of the most literate cities in the United States of America. A city of numerous festivals, cruises and gardens, Seattle has a lot more to offer than most cities. It hosts the Seattle International Film Festival which is one of the most renowned film festivals of today and one that lasts an amazing 24 days. This city has also maintained one of the strongest economies during the bad phases of recessions and is a hub for start-up businesses, which I'm sure is a rational reason to live here. It's also famous for green building businesses, more so in recent times.
Rome, Italy
Another destination is Rome, Italy which stands at the 30th spot for giving the highest wages to its workers. Rome belongs to a country whose quality of life index belongs in the top 10 countries. The city hosts a lot of World Heritage Sites and some of the best fountains. Being the capital of Italy, it's a hub for many sectors with banking and tourism topping the list. It is also considered globally one of the most culturally influential cities. With Italy being the 23rd most developed country, infrastructure and standard of living is not a problem for anyone.
New York City, New York
The most populated city in the United States of America, it's famous as a small world in its own. A major hub for technology, research, fashion, finance, art, education and culture, it would be every young person's dream to live here. It is globally the most linguistic city with around 800 languages spoken in this small city. The headquarters of the United Nations is based here. The transportation system here is commendable as a result of which, 55% households don't own a car. There are a lot of parks here with Central Park (spread over 883 acres), Manhattan having about 25 million visitors each year.
Now that you know these 5 best places to live in the world for young people, you can take your pick soon, depending on the information mentioned in the paragraphs. The young look for adventure, education and some meaning in life, all of which can be experienced in the above mentioned cities. With so many advantages surrounding these cities, they sure won't let you down. Hope you found your best place in the list above!
Salvador - Brazil
Rome, Italy. St. Peter's cathedral after sunset
Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge, New York City
Seattle waterfront
Melbourne Skyline with Yarra River at Full Moon (XXXL)
Melbourne Suburbs
Melbourne Suburbs
Walla Walla Wine Country
Porto Maurizio Imperia Italy