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Best Places to Buy a Home in 2019

The US housing market is always changing. This is a look into which cities in 2019 are best for the housing market.
Austin Winder Aug 5, 2019
Are you thinking of moving somewhere new? Research potential locations before you settle. The best places will have low crime rates, stimulating arts and culture, and a healthy job market combined with low housing costs. Here are a few cities that make the top of the list. One of them just might become your new home.

Atlanta, Georgia

This cozy city is actually growing rapidly. It is projected to overtake Philadelphia as America's eighth-largest city by 2022.
The demographic ranking site WalletHub rates Atlanta as one of the top 10 cities out of 515 in terms of population and job growth. The economy is also the 10th largest in the country.

Austin, Texas

The capital of Texas is #1 on WalletHub's list for thriving cities. US News & World Report also ranked Austin as the top city to live in for 2019. It has the highest amount of growth for a large city.
Austin's economy is equally robust. The mantra "Keep Austin Weird" has contributed to a thriving artistic community. There is something for everyone here.

Lakeland, Florida

The website Realtor.com put Lakeland at #1 out of 10 cities with the best housing markets. Houses are doubling in value and the median price is just $161,757. The sales growth rate is 5%.
This alluring market has led to a boom in construction and a new influx of job growth full of people looking to cash in. Its job growth is a full percentage above the national average, and is only projected to increase. Future job growth is estimated at 42.5% compared to 33.5% elsewhere.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga is the new hot spot for home-flipping millennials. It's not hard to see why. The median home price is just $161,595. The city also has an ideal location on the border with Georgia.
There is easy access to a growing music scene as well as plenty of outdoor activities available at nearby Signal Mountain. The Chattanooga job market has grown by 2.8% over the last year.

Huntsville, Alabama

This up-and-coming haven in Alabama is the state's fourth largest. Huntsville is dubbed "Rocket City" because it is so close to space missions. In fact, that's where scientists invented the rockets that got man on the moon!
The city's largest employer is Redstone Arsenal, with over 31,000 employees. There are many tourist attractions in the region that also contribute to Huntsville's booming economy. These include the U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.

Denver, Colorado

Denver has long been on the cutting edge of innovation and growth. The city plans to rely on 100% renewable energy by 2030. To that end, Denver will commit to making its public transportation carbon neutral and have buildings with net zero emissions, among other initiatives.
It is also becoming a more "walkable" city with some creative urban planning. Denver's economy is another big draw for people looking to move. The city's average household income is almost $3,000 above the national average and has very low income tax to boot.
Future job growth is projected at an incredible 45%. No wonder Denver has grown over the past several years. Its population has increased by 6.12% because of net migration.

What is most important to you in deciding where to move?