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Best Investments for 2018

Best Investments for 2018
This article will tell you the best investments you can make in 2018!
WealthHow Staff
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
With a plethora of investment options, it is very important to know which sectors will be profitable for investors in 2018. In this WealthHow write-up, we will take a look at some of the best investments for 2018.
Finance experts believe that 2018 is even less attractive on the investment front as compared to last year.

They advise investing in stocks and say that the bonds should be invested in for safety rather than income.  Rather than predicting or expecting anything, it is better to have a diversified portfolio that includes stocks or ETFs. For municipal bonds, the supply and demand outlook seems to be balanced.

In stocks, it is advisable to invest in the health care and technology sectors. Intermediate-term corporate bond funds are a good bet. Here, we look at some of the best investments for 2018.
Precious Metals
Tantalum scrap was the leading imported material in the year 2017. It accounted for more than 47% of tantalum imports in the United States. Tantalum is used in various alloys of metals and in certain electronic components, mainly in capacitors.

In 2018, investing in tantalum should be a win-win situation for the investors, considering a significant rise in the demand for electronics, especially smart-phones. You can never go wrong when you invest in something having a tremendous global demand.
Palladium is a good investment option too, owing to its extensive use and China is one of the biggest markets of this metal. The metal can be bought in the form of bars or coins. The price of palladium will rise.

Silver can be invested in, this year as the prices have come down now and are likely to rise in the near future. The demand for silver is expected to grow by 25% or more in the coming years, owing to the increasing industrial demand for this metal.

For all those looking for diversification, gold, silver, platinum, tantalum and palladium are good investment choices. In the event of a sudden inflation or should the dollar prices dwindle, an investment in precious metals will prove to be of value.
Blue Chip Stocks
They can be a safe bet for people who are looking for a long-term investment. These stocks have the reputation of performing reasonably, even during an economic downturn. They have offered a steady Return On Investment (ROI) in the past. Many will argue that investors can get higher ROI if they invest in emerging, relatively lesser-known companies, but the risk will be relatively higher.
The government has averted the fiscal cliff, but future tax laws can deeply impact the performance of the stock market, and if that happens, penny stocks will be the first ones to take a hit. Even if blue chip stocks go down, investors shouldn't hit the panic button as the fundamentals of these companies are pretty strong, and there will always be scope for a recovery.

Taking into account all the considerations, we will advise investors to have blue chip stocks in their portfolio. Some of the best blue chip stocks which we recommend are those of:
  • Omega Healthcare Investors and
  • Apple
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • General Motors
  • CVS Health Corporation
Mutual Funds
They help you diversify your portfolio and come at lower costs, thus making this investment a convenient option. Secondly, the analysis and monitoring of holding is done by professionals. Also, investors do not trade funds as frequently as stocks. Investing in ETFs and mutual funds is among the best strategies for this year. Some of the very best mutual funds of 2018 worthy of your investment are given below:
  • Meeder Muirfield and
  • T. Rowe
  • Vanguard
  • Schwab International
  • First Eagle
Municipal Bond Funds
Investors consider municipal bonds as a wise investment option for 2018. Yields on short-maturity bonds are expected to rise. The tax-exemption that they have to offer is one reason why most recommend investing in them. They are a safe investment because historically, most bonds have been able to retain their value, while earning interest for the investor at the same time. The best high income municipal bond funds for 2018 are:
  • Putnam and
  • Victory
  • AB
  • JHancock
  • Pioneer
(Disclaimer: This article is meant for informative purposes only, and should not be substituted for the advice of an appropriately qualified professional. We do not promise, or guarantee that using this information will lead to a particular outcome/result. Readers are advised to use their own discretion.)