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Best Industries to Invest in 2019

Charlie S Feb 3, 2019
Investing money in the right place is very important to create wealth. With the upsurge of the production sector and the exponential growth in demand, the industries promise a high ROI. Here are some of the best industries to invest in 2019.
Investments made in the booming sectors of the economy always help in earning a lot of money. However, one must be able to distinguish the booming sectors from those sectors which have some execution problems, to invest in the right stocks.

Banking And Financial Services

For those wishing to know the best industry to invest, the answer would be banking and finance industry. This industry recovered the best after the economic recession and hence banking stocks should be a part of core portfolio. Choose banking and finance companies with wide range of products and a strong balance sheet for great appreciation in stock price.

Pharmaceutical Industry

This is definitely one of the best industries to invest because of its recession-proof nature. You can think of investing in pharma companies which have a complete product mix and have manufacturing facilities at multiple locations.
Major pharma companies having orders from across the globe and a strong research and development (R&D) activity would be the preferred bets in the pharma sector. According to experts the industry will grow by 5-8%

Energy Industries

Though growth rate of this industry has been low over the years, it shows promise in future. With the whole world moving to a renewable sources of energy, the energy sector has a lot to do in terms of generating healthy energy. Solar cell manufacturing industry has made to the list of one of the fastest growing industries which shows the promise it holds.

Information Technology

Information technology firms are the biggest beneficiary of the computer revolution and increased demand for software services from all sectors of the economy.
With the availability of trained and talented manpower, good infrastructure and able leadership, software companies would be able to clock good growth figures with rising demand. Profits are expected to improve quarter after quarter, thus creating a ray of hope for investors interested in the IT field.

Service Industries

Service industries are really on a joy ride with the commodities being sold online and the health care business on a hype, this industry is one of the best to invest in. America itself is banking on the service industries and currently it is the largest employer in the country. The figures are starling and are predicted to increase in the near future.

Consumer discretionary

With high consumer confidence and low unemployment, the consumer discretionary sector should hold up. Rise in wage growth will also support the sector. Investors need to be selective of the companies they choose, as some retailers have been hit by “the Amazon (AMZN) effect”.
It would be good to look at companies that have “developed a moat” around  challenges of Amazon effect and are trying different ways to get people at the stores.


Aerospace subsector has experienced a price run up this year due to a jump in U.S. military spending. Even with the subsector’s stout performance,opportunities still remain. The aerospace industry usually does well in late economic cycles. One of the ways is by investing in suppliers to the industry.
So, this was all about the best industries to invest in 2019. An ideal portfolio can have stocks of top companies belonging to mentioned industries. This will help you in averaging out your risk and improve returns. The key for success in equity markets is to improve research abilities and seize opportunities coming your way. Think and decide. Good luck!
DISCLAIMER: This is just for reference purposes and does not recommend any stock market transactions.